Making Alzheimer’s a Memory

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You may know me from the movies Batman & Robin, Gremlins II, Payback, or the series Brimstone, or for my current role as Lionel Luthor on the hit WB Series Smallville. Several years ago, I was given a much more important role: that of caregiver for my father, Jack Glover, when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

I will never forget the toll the disease took on my family or the help and support we received from the Alzheimer’s Association. Originally, I am from Salisbury and a Towson University Alumnus. I contacted the Eastern Shore regional office, which guided me to services through the Helpline. I found support groups, care providers, educational opportunities, and knowledge on the disease.

Among the invaluable services that the Association provides, many do not know that the Alzheimer’s Association is the world leader in Alzheimer’s research. Research is an exciting frontier which is exploring prevention, treatment, and ultimately a cure.

This year, I have made a greater commitment to the Association by lending my name and support to the Greater Maryland Chapter to help spread the word that we as caregivers are not alone. Let’s help end this dreaded disease and make Alzheimer’s disease a distant memory.

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