Making a Smooth Transition: Moving into an Assisted Living Community

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After 35 years in the same neighborhood, moving from her current home was a daunting task for Shirley Goldman. She was alone in her house and realized that she could no longer care for herself. As she began to consider options for assisted living, one of the initial roadblocks she encountered was moving and downsizing. Thirty-five years is more than enough time to fill an eight room home, and parting with your treasures and trash alike can be difficult. Shirley needed some assistance in making decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of, and she was certainly not capable of packing and moving all of her remaining belongings herself.

Ms. Goldman was looking for someone she could trust and could turn to for all her moving needs. A consultation with a social worker from Jewish Family Services led her to Senior Transitions, Inc. and Charna F. Kinneberg. Shirley was relieved: “She came in and helped me decide what I needed to get rid of, what I needed to keep, disposed of unwanted property with charities, and packed and moved all of my stuff.”

As Shirley’s personal moving coordinator, Ms. Kinneberg packed all of her belongings and arranged for all the needed contractors, from movers to painters and cleaning crews, who helped prepare the house for sale. She was with Ms. Goldman the entire time, monitoring the work she was paying for: “Charna would not let me pay the contractors one penny until she was satisfied with the work they had performed; she was so trustworthy, reliable, and thorough.” More than just a moving coordinator, Charna really served as Ms. Goldman’s advocate during a difficult time. Ms. Goldman is happy to admit how integral this help was during her move: “I couldn’t have done it without her expertise; she took over; I did nothing!” Now settled in an assisted living facility surrounded by her most treasured possessions, Shirley Goldman has made a smooth transition to a new phase of her life.

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