Maintaining a Positive Outlook with Senior Care

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Resident in senior careAnyone who knows 87-year-old Shirley Gantz can see that nothing will change her positive outlook.

“My cup runneth over,” she said, when asked about her life, “I have felt so blessed.”

As she attributes this fortune of her life to the people and things that have always been there when she needed it, she can say one of those supportive individuals was her geriatric care manager.

When Diane Schaefer of Schaefer & Associates, LLC, met Shirley, she wanted to move her to an assisted living home that would meet her needs while enabling an engaging and high quality of life.

This support was just what Shirley needed, as someone who has truly led an engaging and eventful life.

The World War II veteran served in the Women’s Army Corps at Mitchell Field in Long Island, NY and eventually worked at a publishing company in the area as a social reporter-turned-editor of a weekly newspaper. She was ‘typing her way through life,’ as she likes to say.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University of Denver, she did graduate work in international relations. She interned for two years with the Economic Cooperation Administration, the government body that implemented the Marshall Plan.

This internship led to a permanent position, and by 1960, Shirley gained the title of Editor for The Shield, the internal monthly magazine for employees of the International Cooperation Administration. Through this publication, she discussed the various missions of the agency and its employees.

Although she describes her working life as the ‘tumultuous years’ with the assassinations during the Kennedy administration, she went on to other pursuits before and after her retirement.

Following her career with the Regional Planning Council in Baltimore, she spent many years assisting with the Arthritis Foundation. Her efforts were recognized in 1982 when she was named the foundation’s Volunteer of the Year.

When it came time for Shirley to move into a home with the necessary care, Diane found options in Maryland were plentiful. She proceeded to prepare a thorough assessment of Shirley’s abilities, desires and interests along with her care needs and financial situation.

Although she has held her own throughout her various careers, the support of her loved ones, and especially her care manager, has allowed Shirley to remain an optimistic individual now residing in her ideal home at The Presbyterian Home of Maryland, Inc.

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