Locating the Perfect Home for Seniors

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For Rev. and Mrs. Ellsworth, the church has always been a major part of their lives. Rev. Ellsworth was a Methodist minister for many years, and Mrs. Ellsworth was also ordained as a lay minister and educator. They served a small community in Iowa before retiring and returning to Mrs. Ellsworth’s hometown in Georgia.

After experiencing some health problems, the couple started to discuss moving to an assisted living community, but they intended to wait a few years before making the move. When Rev. Ellsworth’s health started to deteriorate this past summer, the couple realized that it was time to find a place where they could receive the help they needed.

Tim Ellsworth, one of the couple’s two sons, began looking for communities for them in the DC area. He recalls, “I was calling a lot of communities and getting information, but I realized early on that I was way out of my league. I really did not know what I was doing; I just felt like I was flying blind.”

Tim called a geriatric care manager, who referred him to Senior Living Search, a personalized service that helps individuals choose the appropriate assisted living residence. Frank Rothschild, the owner of Senior Living Search, came to Tim’s office and spoke with him and his father via speakerphone.

“After a 45 minute conversation, Mr. Rothschild was really able to get a feel for what my parents wanted and needed. He called me back in a few days and recommended the Methodist Home of D.C. for them. He knew that the Methodist Home rarely had openings, so he called to check with them. Luckily, they had an opening; everything just seemed to fall into place,” says Tim. Mr. Rothschild scheduled an appointment with the Methodist Home and accompanied Tim on a tour of the community and a meeting with the administrators.

Tim was especially grateful for Mr. Rothschild’s knowledge of the industry during this meeting: “He asked some very specific questions that I hadn’t thought of and wouldn’t have thought of. His questions really helped clarify everything for me. His familiarity with the field and the differing levels of care really helped make this process a lot easier for me,” attest Tim. Ultimately, Tim decided that the Methodist Home, with its strong religious affiliation and sense of community, was the right place for his parents.

For Tim, Senior Living Search’s assistance alleviated much of the stress associated with his parent’s move: “I am really happy with the outcome. I probably would not have considered the place he found, and it is really perfect for my parents. The staff at the Methodist Home is thoughtful, competent, and genuinely caring. My brother and I are happy that we have found the right place for our parents to receive the care that they need.”

Rev. and Mrs. Ellsworth recently moved from Georgia to the Methodist Home in DC. They enjoy the religious atmosphere of the community and are adjusting well to their new home.

Of his experience with the Ellsworths, Mr. Rothschild relates, “I am so pleased that I was able to help Tim find an assisted living residence for his parents. It was a pleasure working with him, and I’m thrilled that they are happily settled in their new home.”

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