Living With Peace of Mind: Home Care Agencies

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Isadore Goldscher has peace of mind. During a typical week, he drives himself to doctor’s appointments, runs errands, attends synagogue, and visits with family-while at the same time caring for his ailing wife, Shirley. To some, Isadore may sound like the Superman of the Golden Years, and to his wife, he probably is. But Isadore attributes his lifestyle to the choices he made with regard to his wife’s care.

A few years ago, Shirley Goldscher became ill and was in need of full time care. “Years ago, my mother-in-law suffered from the same type of ailment,” Mr. Goldscher explained. “We placed her in a very nice nursing home, and yet I knew right then that I was not going to do the same with my wife. I wanted to be involved in her welfare and care”

The Goldshers chose in-home care and turned to the Elizabeth Cooney Personnel Agency in Maryland. Isadore planned to select a caregiver at random, until he came across an ad for the agency which really struck a familiar cord. Coincidentally, years before Isadore’s wife became ill, he took a trip to Florida. It was there that Isadore heard two women speaking about the agency he would one day use to care for his wife. “One of the women traveling had recently hired the Elizabeth Cooney Agency to help with her mother’s care,” said Goldscher. “Now, here she was, able to take a trip. She said that she felt free.”

Matching clients with appropriate caregivers is a top priority for the Elizabeth Cooney Agency. “The first caregiver that came to us was just not a good fit,” explained Goldscher. “We called the agency and they immediately sent us Ella. She’s been with us ever since.”

For the Goldschers, in-home care has proven to be the right choice. Caregivers have met both physical and emotional needs. The Goldschers were also pleasantly surprised by the closeness which developed between their caregiver and the family. Goldscher noted, “We’re very involved in each others lives-even my sons know Ella.”

Not only is Shirley provided with everything from meals to medicine, but at the end of the evening, Isadore always notices the simple goodnight kiss his wife receives from Ella before she leaves.

“Today I drove to Columbia and spent a few hours at my son’s sandwich shop. I didn’t feel rushed to come right home because I knew my wife was well taken care of. Every day, I am so happy to have my wife, and I’m going to keep her with me as long as I can,” concludes Goldscher.

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