Living on Opposite Coasts: Nursing Home Care

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Nursing home care residentWhen Dr. Jerome Sherman suffered a severe stroke several years ago, his only daughter, Liz, faced some difficult decisions. She lives in California, and her father lives in the Baltimore area. Prior to his stroke, Dr. Sherman still had an active medical license and was regularly completing patient rounds and attending lectures. A long-time resident of Baltimore, he also has a large base of friends in the area.

Liz explains the problem she faced: “People said that one of us would have to move. I thought moving him to California would be too much of an abrupt change for someone who had lived in Baltimore for so long and was already going through so much. Moving to Maryland was not an option for me because I had my own life and my work out here.” While her father was recovering in the hospital, Liz attempted to find a solution that would work for them both.

When the hospital social worker recommended home care, Liz thought it was a great alternative to a nursing home. One of the companies they recommended was Professional Care, Inc. “I called Yvonne Moran, the owner of Professional Care, and she was able to send someone to help my father right away. It worked out so well that I have never gone with anyone else,” explains Liz.

Dr. Sherman received personal care during his rehabilitation at Keswick Multicare Center and has continued receiving 24 hour, live-in care since returning to his home. The caregivers provide meals, do all the shopping, and help Dr. Sherman with all the activities of daily living. Liz says, “My father’s caregivers are really phenomenal people. This is not an easy job, and they do it so well. They are so conscientious, and they have really bonded with him.”

She continues, “Even if your family lives nearby, they cannot be there all the time because they have their own lives and their own families. It is always important to have someone that you can rely on to provide care. For me, it was even more important because I am so far away.” Dr. Sherman has been receiving care from Professional Care for three and a half years now, and his condition has steadily improved with therapy. He has become comfortable with his caregivers, and they have settled into a healthy routine.

Knowing that her father is comfortable and well cared for gives Liz enormous peace of mind. She also knows that should any problems arise they will be dealt with professionally and efficiently. Of Yvonne, Liz says, “She is very hands on and has an excellent rapport with the families and with her caregivers.” The dedication of Yvonne and the caregivers with Professional Care allows Liz to continue to live in California, while Dr. Sherman remains in his long-time home in Baltimore.

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