Lights, Camera, Active! Activities in a Senior Living Community

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residents enjoy a retirement communityPick a hobby, any hobby. Contrary to what you might think, this is no trick at Attleboro Retirement Village, a continuing care community in Bucks County. With the efforts of staff and a few highly involved individuals, it is hard not to find a group or activity that appeals to residents’ interests. From arts and crafts to a Yiddish group, there truly is something for everyone at Attleboro.

Just ask Rose Movitch. As the head of the entertainment committee, Rose works with the full-time activities director to plan various events and groups at the community. Always having an energetic lifestyle, she would often travel with her husband and take part in several hobbies such as bridge, tennis, golf and attending the theatre.

“Because I love to do and see things and go places, I feel this is why I want to encourage everyone here to get the best out of life,” said Rose, “And we do all that we can in planning these programs.”

A graduate of Temple University, Rose is no stranger to listening diligently and accommodating others. With a Masters in Social Work from Rutgers, she worked at the Jewish community center and eventually returned to the school to teach graduate work in Gerontology.

“What I’m doing at Attleboro is a lot of what I did in my professional life as part of the senior center,” she said, “I’m planning programs, scheduling trips and trying to meet the needs of the people here.”

As Rose intended, Attleboro’s staff is encouraging and allowing residents to make the best of their lives. Aside from the continuum of care they receive, they can take advantage of the community’s amenities while pursuing prior or new interests. Attleboro prides itself on its Main Street, inspired by neighborhoods of the past, that connects the residential buildings. It is the center of the Village’s recreational, educational, social and cultural activities.

Along with this ideal social setting, there are numerous options for individuals every day of the week. For example, Attleboro residents can stay active through aquatic therapy on Monday followed by a night of entertainment. Typical Wednesdays involve a daytrip to the museum or an outing in the country. Saturday evenings, designated as ‘movie nights’ can also consist of poker games.

One group with which Rose is highly involved is the drama group made up of 16 individuals. Every Friday morning, an expert from Philadelphia visits to help them practice improvisation techniques. Their hard work paid off recently as they put on four performances for their peers.

Then there are the well-known Attleboro Players, who came together to enhance the camaraderie of the male residents. For the past 12 years, they have entertained and performed theatrical presentations for residents.

Educational opportunities also abound at the community as Rose has helped to arrange different courses for residents through Bucks Community College.

“We’ve had wonderful courses that have included writing memoirs and discussing Robert Frost’s poetry,” she said.

One of Rose’s major ongoing projects is finding a place to keep a computer for residents. While unique ideas arise that at first do not seem possible, Rose and Attleboro’s staff do not give up.

“Everybody has something they say they want, and we try to develop it,” said Rose, “Whatever we can do, we’ll keep trying.”

With its variety of interest groups and from its pool table to its magic shows, Attleboro provides a fun and comfortable atmosphere for its residents. It is the ideal home for individuals like Rose, who wish to stay active while knowing they are taken care of.

“It’s a marvelous place,” said Rose, “It really is.”

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