Life Made Easier with Live-In Care: Home Care Agencies

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After spending twenty years working for the Army’s Signal Corp. as a radar repairman, Mr. James Franklin served as a senior engineering technician with several different electronic companies for the remainder of his career. Since childhood, he had been captivated by the mechanics of crystal sets and radios. This led eventually to an interest in television technology. During the last three years of his career he worked in the Pentagon for the Joint Chiefs of Staff and was part of the team of engineers that first installed television technology in the Offices of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, creating the National Military Communication Command Center.

When his wife of 34 years became ill and was bed-ridden, Mr. Franklin took on sole caregiving responsibilities for her. After several difficult years, he realized that the constant demands of caregiving were taking a serious toll on his health and that he could no longer take care of his beloved wife alone. Because he wished to remain in his home and wanted to maintain a comfortable and consistent environment for his wife, he began looking for home care services. He called Afi Kuleke at Advanced Senior Care Services, and she assured him that 24 hour live-in care was their specialty.

After a brief consultation, he contracted to have around-the-clock care for himself and his wife. His caregiver, Barbara, moved in and took care of the driving, shopping, and cooking for the couple. After his wife passed away in July of 2001, Mr. Franklin asked Barbara to stay on to provide care for him. According to Mr. Franklin, Barbara “does everything for me, fixes my meals, vacuums, dusts, shops, drives the car, takes me to my doctor’s appointments, and does everything I need to be done.”

Live-in care has been invaluable to Mr. Franklin and his wife; the care that they have received helped them to negotiate a difficult time in life. Additionally, Mr. Franklin has been afforded the opportunity to maintain his independence because of the services of Advanced Senior Care. Mr. Franklin realizes that his life would be very different without the assistance of Barbara: “I would not be able to stay here in my house and have my animals and be in a comfortable environment if it wasn’t for Barbara. She has made it possible for me to stay here rather than have to move into a nursing home.” Mr. Franklin, Barbara, his cat, and his dog continue to live happily in his family home to this day.

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