Letting One’s Personality Shine

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To say that Jim Wise is a character is an understatement in the most flattering way. But to say that Lighthouse Senior Living would not be the same without him is quite accurate.

Jim had been living on his own prior to his recent move to the assisted living home located in Baltimore. After realizing his medical challenges were becoming too difficult to manage independently, he made the decision to seek a community where he knew he would receive the care he needed. Upon the recommendation of the senior center that he has been involved in, he made his move to where he now calls home.

As soon as anyone meets Jim, they are immediately impressed with his intellect and sense of humor. During the course of a conversation, it is easy to recognize that he has led a very interesting and varied life. He was born in Richmond, Va. as one of five children. Despite having never married, he says he has never lacked companionship over the years. Although he claims to be 39 years old, he is actually 86 years old, but there’s something to be said in staying young at heart!

After high school, he worked at Glen L. Martin and was eventually drafted into the Navy where he became a Morse code radio operator. He ultimately received an AA degree from Essex Community College and learned Chinese at Yale. Applying his learned skills, he served as a linguist in the Air Force from 1956 to1972. In addition to Chinese, Jim learned to speak Vietnamese and some Spanish.

He has literally traveled all over the world, and has souvenirs and stories galore to show for it. All one needs to do is mention a location, and he offers his personal experiences. Jim was also a certified scuba diver as well as a licensed commercial pilot and he owned his own plane, a Cessna.

Along with his reputation as a knowledgeable and humorous well-rounded traveler, he is musically gifted as well, and has entertained his fellow residents and staff playing the ukulele and guitar. He insists he was also quite a dancer in his time.

He thrives on hugs, and those who have had the privilege of meeting him would gladly say what a joy he is to know. The staff at Lighthouse Senior Living truly believes he is an asset to the community, and feels fortunate that he is part of their family.

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