Elder Law: Keeping Loved Ones Together

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Orien Shives was starting to feel the pressure of seeing that his mother Mary and stepfather Edgar were taken care of in their later years.

The two met shortly after Mary’s first husband died in 1965. She was working at a sewing factory in Hancock, Maryland, and he was a railroad worker. With the five children from her initial marriage, they have 15 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

When Mary was taken to the hospital, a family friend from church visited them and spoke with Orien.

“He said ‘Don’t try to handle this by yourself,'” said Orien, “‘It can be overwhelming.'”

He recommended David Wingate’s Elder Law Services, and after Orien researched and interviewed other services, he took his friend’s advice.

According to Orien, his parents had a will, but had not planned other important arrangements in advance. With his Life Care Planning, David was able to save some of their assets for spending and Orien felt a sense of security knowing the bills for expenses, such as burials, were paid for.

“They care about what they’re doing, it’s not just business to them,” said Orien, who knows he can call anytime to receive legal advice.

In January, after Edgar experienced multiple falls, his doctor made the decision to take him out of assisted living and place him in a nursing home, thus separating him from his wife. Orien enlisted the help of Linda Stern, an employee of David’s Elder Law Services, who worked to keep the couple together.

“If it hadn’t been for them, I don’t know what I would have done,” said Orien.

To this day, Orien feels comfortable in having this knowledgeable resource that he says takes a lot off of his mind. However, he still has some work to do in taking care of his parents, but he knows where to go when he has a question.

Most importantly, he says, “They always get back to you.”

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