Just Like the Help of a Family: Elder Care Company Assists with Errands

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Marge is a long-time resident of Northern Virginia. Her career began as a journalist writing for Virginia Teacher’s monthly magazine over 70 years ago and continued into the early years of her marriage. After her husband became a diplomat, Marge led the fascinating life of a Foreign Service Officer’s wife in Austria, Finland and Germany.

For over 16 years, her family lived abroad, and she enjoyed traveling and sharing in the cultures of various countries. Her memories of those years are fun-filled and adventurous, and Marge often brings her stories to life with her hilarious wit. Upon her return to Northern Virginia, she continued raising her family.

Marge is the mother of three children and has seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. While raising her children, she was also involved with the Citizens for a Better City and volunteered to edit her church bulletin.

“They give lots of help to a woman in her 90s,” says Marge about the local Elder Care company that now assists her with errands and daily tasks, Buckley’s for Seniors. Driving is difficult for Marge due to health reasons. Marge’s daughter, who works full time, contacted Buckley’s for Seniors last year to lend her mom a hand.

Buckley’s for Seniors has provided many services for Marge, such as transportation to and from doctor and hairdresser appointments as wekk as trips to the pharmacy, hardware and grocery store. Buckley’s staff helps Marge put away her groceries, and they were even there to help her set up her Christmas tree.

Carey, a member of the Buckley’s for Senior’s staff, comes two mornings a week to assist Marge. Marge says, “She helps me just like my own daughter would. I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Carey is a local stay-at-home mom like many of Buckley’s staff members. The staff members are college-educated mothers or recent retirees who provide intellectual companionship, as well as a helping hand. Every time Buckley’s visits, Marge gets to choose where she needs to go and which errands she needs to run.

Now in her 90s, Marge still enjoys knitting, crocheting, gardening and bird watching. While she has had to give up some of her hobbies, she remains active. “My daughter won’t let me use the kiln for pottery-making any more,” Marge admits. She gave up pottery, but she is well aware of the importance of remaining busy.

Marge enjoys going to her regular appointments and visiting with the many merchants she has done business with throughout the years. “It’s nice to have someone help me run errands and manage things around the house,” Marge concludes.

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