It’s a Man’s World: Active Senior Community

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Martins Run Seniors Men's ClubSidney Abbott and Solomon Moldoff are neighbors who share a very important quality – they are both men of action. So, when they saw a demand for more men’s activities at Martins Run Senior Residential Community, they decided to do something about it. Together, Abbott and Moldoff developed a plan and lobbied the community’s management to offer more activities geared specifically for men.

Their efforts resulted in the formation of a men’s club at Martins Run – a group of like-minded men who gather to participate in traditional, male-oriented activities such as poker, pool, darts – and tall tales. Once established, the men’s club was even given a home with the creation of “The Lodge,” a room with a pool table, dartboard, shuffleboard, bar, widescreen television and DVD player. Designed with a distinct masculine touch, The Lodge at Martins Run gives the men’s club a place to meet, play games and – well – be men.

Abbott, a retired engineer and president of the men’s club, credits the staff and management at Martins Run for helping to bring the men’s club and The Lodge to fruition. “We approached management with the idea for the men’s club back in December, and we were able to pull it all together – including The Lodge — by June,” he explains. “That’s one of the great things about life at Martins Run – the staff here can implement residents’ requests and make sure we’re satisfied, and that’s a big deal.”

Since moving to Martins Run about a year and a half ago, Abbott and his wife Sylvia have kept themselves busy with a number of the programs offered by the senior community. “There are activities here for everyone, including continuing education through Martins Run University” says Sylvia, referring to the community’s onsite lecture series presented by experienced professionals. “The residents are very involved in the planning — and the staff is with us every inch of the way.”

Longtime residents of Willingboro, New Jersey, the Abbotts first visited Martins Run about 25 years ago, long before they were ready to move to a senior living community. Sylvia, a retired schoolteacher, mother of three and grandmother of eight, fell in love with the community immediately. “How many people get to realize their dream?” she remembers asking her husband. It was important for the Abbotts to choose a place to spend their golden years when they were still young and healthy. Their son, who lives in Baltimore, wanted the couple to move closer to him, but he quickly came to realize that his parents had made the right decision.

The Abbotts point to several features that made Martins Run stand out to them. Especially important was the idea that Martins Run is run by experienced professionals. “Martins Run is well past its growing pains,” says Sylvia. “It’s very well-established, and everyone here knows what they are doing.” Another key consideration for the Abbotts was the idea that Martins Run has an adjacent continuing care community. When it becomes necessary, the couple can be comforted by the fact that additional care is close, making spousal visits very easy. They were also struck by the beauty and peacefulness of the community and its surrounding area.

Sylvia fully supports the idea of the men’s club at Martins Run. She says the other women in the community were enthusiastic about it as well, and since The Lodge is accessible to both men and women, women do not feel excluded. “It’s a beautiful room, and it includes state-of-the-art equipment. Most of the women in the community would agree that there was a need for a room like this.”

The Lodge also provides the community with an additional venue for holding various events and festivities. In fact, when this summer’s Fourth of July celebration had to be moved indoors due to inclement weather, The Lodge was chosen as the alternative, and a wonderful time was had by all. “Before The Lodge was created, we had other places to hold celebrations and activities, but the games and equipment in this particular room make it ideal for those kinds of events,” says Sidney.

Solomon Moldoff, also a former engineer and a good friend of the Abbotts, was another active participant in the creation of the men’s club at Martins Run. Although he played an important part in getting the club up and running, Solomon is quick to credit his friend as the key organizer. “Sidney took the idea of the men’s club and ran with it,” he explains.

Like Sidney, Solomon saw a definite need at Martins Run for the men’s club and The Lodge, since men are outnumbered by women in the community. Solomon also notes that the men’s club and The Lodge is another way for the men of Martins Run to keep active and participate in a number of different activities.

Residents of Marple Township for about 30 years, Solomon and his wife Gloria, who passed away last year, chose Martins Run because of its commitment to the surrounding area. “Martins Run is really integrated with the local community, and many of the residents here take part in a variety of community activities,” says Solomon. That commitment works the opposite way as well, with residents of the surrounding area in Philadelphia, Delaware, Chester and Montgomery counties participating in the activities offered by Martins Run. In fact, Solomon himself used to attend lectures at Martins Run prior to moving to the community.

Solomon also notes the community’s commitment to culture and education. He says that a major pull for him was the fact that Martins Run has the educational opportunities that he was looking for, with classes almost every day. Like the Abbotts, he notes the beauty of the environment in and around the community, and the fact that there is a community college and golf course nearby.

Living at Martins Run also allows Solomon to be near two of his three children. “My younger son is only about 200 yards away from me, and I see him often, including a regular visit every Sunday morning,” he explains. He is also able to visit with his older son weekly, on Friday nights.

In addition to helping found the men’s group, Solomon is a member of the Martins Run board of trustees, a vice president of the residents’ association and a member of the health care committee and food commitee, among others. “There are all kinds of programs here,” he says. “I can stay busy seven days a week.”

Solomon is extremely pleased with the implementation of the men’s club and The Lodge, and looks forward to the addition of future clubs and facilities, including a new exercise room equipped with treadmills, bicycles and other workout equipment. He knows that the experience and involvement of the residents, coupled with the staff’s receptiveness to new ideas, make for a winning combination at the senior living community. “It’s great to have people here who have all kinds of experience, and a staff that’s willing to listen and take action,” he explains.

The men’s club currently meets once a month to discuss new activities and places they would like to visit. They’ve discussed trips to museums as well as outings to different athletic events in and around the Philadelphia area. The club anticipates that it will begin taking part in some of these activities by late summer or early fall of this year.

On any given day, the sounds of laughter and camaraderie can be heard coming from The Lodge at Martins Run. With the help of Sidney and Solomon, the men of the community can now say with confidence that it’s a man’s world – at The Lodge at least!

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