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They say it takes a village to raise a child. That may be true, but the need for the support of friends, neighbors and professionals to build a successful life doesn’t end with adolescence. At Twining Village, a Diakon Senior Living Retirement community in Bucks County, Pa., residents quickly realize that their new home is a true village.

“This is really a village; it’s not just a name,” said Bill Jadney, who made the move to Twining Village in March with his wife, Elaine. “The community is not big, but it is not tiny; you just wouldn’t believe how nice it is to live in a genuine village.”

June Clothier, who just moved to the community in May, concurred, “I love the relaxed atmosphere here, and the people are very friendly. There is a real sense of community.”

For the Jadneys, their first taste of life in a strong community came just a few months after they moved in, when Bill fell and broke his ankle. “The first thing we said was thank goodness we moved here,” recalled Elaine. “I was so impressed that the following day our executive director, Philip Hickey, greeted me by name and asked about my husband.”

Since day one, June has enjoyed the community’s amenities, and she continues to get involved in new activities. “I truly love no longer having to cook my dinner, and the food is great,” she said. “I also workout in the gym three days a week, and I’m looking forward to helping in the new library.”

Like good neighbors in any nice community, the staff and residents of Twining Village are constantly working to make their community better. “The staff is so incredible,” Elaine said. “From the maintenance folks to Jerry Gallagher and Kylie Emery in Marketing, everyone was so helpful with our transition.” Not surprisingly, Twining Village’s dedicated staff is juggling several improvement projects in various stages of completion.

A beautiful new dining room was recently completed, as were enclosed and climate-controlled walkways between the multiple buildings on campus. “Regardless of the weather − rain, snow or cold − we can walk inside from our apartment to the dining room or the wellness center or the auditorium,” said Bill.  However, the Jadneys often walk outside to enjoy the wooded campus featuring mature trees and garden courtyards.

There is also construction underway that will completely renovate the reception area. “If the new reception area is anything like the new dining area, it is going to be amazing,” Elaine said. “I loved the community before, and it just keeps getting nicer.”

Of course, even with all the new improvements, the one amenity that continues to captivate new and old residents alike is the intimacy of the Village. “This is really where everyone knows your name,” Elaine said. “I have been to other retirement communities that felt like hotels.” June added, “The people here are wonderful, and if you want to participate, there is always something to get involved in.”

At Twining Village, every improvement and each resident helps to nurture the dynamic spirit that makes the community a true village. As each new resident discovers, it does, in fact, take a village to create a rewarding retirement.

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