How To Utilize Real Estate Services For Retired Seniors

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Real Estate Agents who specialize in working with seniors can offer much more than assistance with buying and selling a home. They can offer information and advice on topics ranging from estate planning to retirement living options. Many of these specially trained realtors have been working with seniors for many years and are familiar with the concerns and needs of this niche market.

Real Estate agents who work primarily with seniors can receive several different designations, including SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist) or SHS (Senior Housing Specialist). These designations let the consumer know that the agent has completed special training courses that include detailed methods for helping seniors through the home buying and/or selling process.

The most important characteristic of any realtor who works with seniors is patience. In addition to being familiar with the legal, financial, and emotional issues facing the 55+ age group, these realtors have the patience to function more as counselors than as sales people. Their patience allows them to let sales evolve slowly over time-after they have fostered relationships with their senior clients.

Patience is an important characteristic for a realtor who works with seniors because, as Joanna Biggar points out in “The Soft Sell” in the Wall Street Journal, “The sale or purchase of a home, of course, can be trying at any age. But as people approach or begin retirement, new difficulties can emerge, including anxieties about parting with 30 years or more of memories; questions about how the transaction should fit into larger estate planning, and uncertainties about whether the next house could be, or should be, the last house. Accordingly, such customers don’t always need a hard-charging salesperson as much as they do an adviser, someone with the skills — and perhaps most important, the patience — to navigate what could be a lengthy passage.”

Realtors who help seniors are capable of assembling a team of advisers-financial planners, lawyers, accountants, etc.-to help meet the specific needs of their older clients. By offering referrals, advice, and guidance throughout the buying and selling process, these realtors offer their clients the comprehensive attention they need and deserve.

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