How To Make Sure No Questions are Left Unanswered Before Death: End of Life Planning

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Death. Everyone is forced to deal with it at some point, but nobody knows exactly when. It is a taboo topic in America, avoided and ill-prepared for by most people until it is too late.

The death of a loved one is a painful, stressful time and dealing with personal effects, wills, finances and funeral preparations is only an added frustration. Many Americans wrongfully assume the preparation for death can wait until they are senior citizens or in a retirement home. The fact is, often times when people wait till this point in life they are simply not in the best state of mind to prepare this type of information.

Terry Ann Black from Lafayette, Calif. knows the story all too well. After the death of her father-in-law, a safe deposit box key was discovered amongst his belongings with no information on where the actual box was located. Terry and her husband searched everywhere for some type of information or records about the box. After days of endless searching, frustration and sadness, Terry and her husband lost hope.

Anecdotes like these demonstrate that it is never too early to begin preparing for death. The best time is now. There are several, important road marks in life that can be great reasons for preparing this type of information; marriage, purchasing of real estate or the birth of children. Any time there is a significant change in life or finances, it is imperative the information and wishes be documented in a safe, secure place.

Many people underestimate the amount of information needed. Gathering all the crucial details can be timely and overwhelming. Important questions that might be overlooked in a will are:
-Where is your will kept?
-Do you have a guardian for your minor children
-Who is it and what is their phone number and address?
-Do you have any hidden assets?
-Do you own real estate other than your home? Where is it located?
-In the event of your death, who would you like notified?

Bringing up the subject of death preparation is both awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved. This holiday season could be the perfect time to discuss details with your family and prepare and distribute the information. Compile it for your loved ones providing your survivors with a complete list of last wishes and personal records. Peace of mind during a difficult time can be the last and best gift they ever receive.

Caring Is Not Enough is a guidebook offering a simple and efficient way to prepare crucial, personal information before the end of life. The book contains more than 100 crucial questions and is an easy way to address the awkward subject with family members, friends and loved ones. The book is in question/answer format and takes approximately 1-4 hours to complete. Copies of Caring Is Not Enough can be ordered online at

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