Independent Living: How To Find Transportation

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transportaion options for independent livingThe “To-Do” list seems endless. Your daughter’s ballet lesson is about to let out, but your mother’s pain medication is waiting at the pharmacy. Your son has a baseball game, but your father has a dentist appointment. What is a member of the sandwich generation to do?

Children of aging adults who balance a full-time job, raise children of their own and have countless errands to run can feel very overextended when it comes to caring for their own parents. Making sure their own tasks get accomplished is overwhelming enough, but the added pressure of undertaking their parents’ needs can leave them racked with guilt and stress.

Whether the elderly individual lives with their children or in their own home, they are often left without the proper companionship and mobility they so desperately need to stay connected with the outside world.

Transportation or personal concierge services can give older adults a lift while raising their spirits as well. Not only do they provide a ride to and from important errands and engagements, but they can impart valuable companionship upon people who so often feel isolated from the world.

Getting from here to there
Sometimes, all older adults will require is a ride from Point A to Point B. With the transportation services available throughout the Washington, D.C. Metro area, you can be certain that your parent or loved one will receive a safe and reliable ride. These services can be less costly than a series of cab rides from place to place, and you’ll know that someone will be help personally accountable for the safety and happiness of your special rider.

It may be time to consider a transportation provider are if your parent or loved one has experienced memory loss, and inability to perform routine tasks, impaired judgment, slowed reaction time or a diminished attention span. Some older adults may even find that they like riding with a companion much better than being behind the wheel alone. This buddy approach will ensure that all the errands for the day get finished, and appointments are kept with punctuality. Some providers will often leave a full report of the day’s activities, pointing out any important developments or snags along the way for future reference.
Wheelchair accessible transportation services are available throughout the area, but check in advance before booking services through a company. All special needs should be accommodated, with no questions asked.

Not just a ride, but a friend
Many transportation services go above and beyond the simple ride, offering personal concierge services so your loved one will experience healthy companionship. For many seniors who wish to remain in their own homes as they age, completing daily tasks such as cooking, shopping, medical appointments and filling prescriptions can become too much to handle alone.

Concierge services know that seniors do not have to sacrifice their independence simply because of age or a disability. These providers can help make a stay at home easier and more enjoyable by taking part in favorite hobbies with their clients, and helping with ordinary tasks of every day life.

Some popular uses for concierge services include grocery shopping, cleaning and organizing, computer training, bill paying, post office errands, dry cleaning, pet services, laundry and gardening. Of course, most concierge services are open to suggestion and will accommodate any reasonable request to serve those in need.

Time is valuable, and for the children of these aged loved ones who work full time, this companionship is an important supplement to the care they provide at home. Next time an older friend or parent needs assistance, don’t spread too thin. Consider using a transportation or concierge service to make them most of your time and ensure that your loved one is receiving safe and appropriate care.

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