How To Find Someone To Help: Homecare Agencies

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In the midst of particularly trying day (or week), you may find yourself thinking, “There has got to be someone to help with this!” There likely is. From sorting out the treasures from the trash in the attic to help with daily errands and transportation needs, senior- serving professionals are available to meet a wide array of needs.

For years, Elder Law Attorneys, long-term care insurance agents, accountants, and other professionals have focused their practices on meeting the distinctive needs of elderly clients and their families. Today, as the senior population continues to increase and the enormous wave of Baby Boomers prepare to retire, a new batch of professionals are emerging to help meet the needs of this growing population.

Much of the growth in the senior-serving market is a result of the entrepreneurial spirit of business owners, who see a need and set out to fill it. Many of these innovative entrepreneurs have personal experiences with the challenges of caring for an aging loved one. They have emerged from difficult experiences with ingenious ideas about how to make the same challenges easier for those who follow them. These pioneers in the senior-serving industry are rapidly creating specialized and targeted services to meet every need-and fill every desire. Yes, someone can help.

Personal property appraisers offer indispensable advice concerning estate planning, estate settlement, tax deductions, and insurance on valuable possessions. Having antiques, fine arts, and other valuables professionally appraised can give individuals the essential information they need to make important decisions.

Assistive technologies are helping individuals with decreased sensory abilities to continue to perform everyday activities without difficulty. Amplified telephones, flashing ringers, and captioned telephones, known as assistive listening devices, can help those with decreased hearing ability continue to use the telephone.

Auction houses and galleries can assist with everything from entire estate disposition to the sell of individual antiques, fine arts, rare books, coins, and other valuables. Auction gallery representatives can make qualified recommendations on which items to keep and which items to sell when it comes time to clean out the family home in preparation for a move or an estate settlement.

Audiology and Hearing Aid Providers
Too often, as individuals begin to lose their hearing, they withdraw from social activities and make changes to their daily routine to compensate for the loss, rather than seeking out the help of professionals. Audiologists and Hearing Aid Providers can diagnose an individual’s level of hearing loss and treat the problem by finding the appropriate hearing aid for every condition, budget, and lifestyle.

Counseling and Psychological Services
Counselors, Psychologists, and life coaches are focusing their energies on the needs of seniors and their families. They can offer counseling, advice, and assistance with all of the various issues surrounding eldercare. Psychologists can also provide competency evaluations. Most of these professionals will make in-home and/or facility visits to treat patients.

Eldercare Consultants
Consultants serve as a comprehensive resource for senior living decisions and are especially helpful for family caregivers. Individualized consultations help families identify pertinent issues that need to be addressed. After working with the family to identify specific needs, consultants identify providers and resources that are available to help meet those needs.

Errand Services and Companionship
For many seniors who wish to remain in their own homes as they age, completing daily tasks-such as shopping, cooking, going to Doctor’s appointments, and picking up prescriptions-becomes too much to handle. Seniors do not need to sacrifice their independence simply because these tasks are difficult because of age or disability. Errand Services companies are available to perform these and other errands and tasks to make daily life easier and more enjoyable. Many of these companies also offer companionship services to ensure that seniors do not become lonely or isolated.

Mediators are professionals trained in law and psychology. They can help families make the difficult decisions involved in elder care by helping them to resolve conflicts and make compromises. Mediators do not make decisions; instead, they help family members to hear each other and provide information about viable options.

Professional Organizers
Organization does not come naturally to everyone. Over the course of many years in the same home, spaces can easily become cluttered and disorganized. Professional organizers can help individuals get paperwork and other possessions in order; dispose of unwanted items; and reclaim their attics, basements, and other spaces.

Senior Housing Search Services
Professionals can help seniors and their families review the seemingly endless array of independent living communities, assisted living communities, and retirement communities available in the D.C. Metro region and make an informed decision. With extensive knowledge of local options and communities, these professionals are able to guide families smoothly through the decision-making process.

Many seniors fear that losing the ability to drive will lead to a life of isolation. With the help of transportation service providers, that does not have to be the case. Safe and dependable, wheelchair accessible transportation services are available throughout the D.C. Metro area. Companies offer transportation to doctor’s appointments, shopping, senior centers, or any other desired destination.

The List is Growing
The categories of professionals listed above are merely a sampling of some of the more prominent specialties in the senior-serving marketplace. With a little searching, seniors and their families will undoubtedly find highly qualified professionals to meet all of their needs-from the largest to the smallest.

If a specialty is not yet available, the ingenuity of senior-serving professionals guarantees it will be soon. The expert services offered by professionals will continue to grow and change-just as the seniors they serve continue to redefine what life is like after 65.

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