Connecting Individuals in Senior Care: A Unique Online Resource

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As we age, our social circles become smaller and smaller, but conversely our need for socialization increases.  By and large, this need is based on support and our circles of support become rather diverse and can come in the form of friends, families, church, caregivers, etc.  At the onset we begin to lose our family to their families, friends move on and our aging bodies may begin to restrict our ability to engage in the development of new circles.  So where are seniors and baby boomers going in search of socialization?

Seniors aren’t sitting still and allowing this dynamic to slow them down.  In fact, according to a media management company — comScore, among older people who went online last year, the number visiting social network sites grew almost as fast as the overall rate of Internet use among that group.  Seniors have time and an interest in being connected.  Many suffer from chronic illnesses and are in search of data and support groups, while others want to feel a part of a community.  Others just want a means by which to keep their minds active and a place to journal their thoughts.  In fact, some research suggests that loneliness can hasten conditions like dementia and that online social connections may help delay this illness by keeping the mind active.

They need a way to keep the mind lively, to journal their legacy along with daily activities and the sense of support in coping with the day to day challenges associated with the aging process can be primary drivers.  Today, there are a number of options on the social networking landscape for seniors and caregivers — but one in particular caught our attention. has many distinctive attributes and as a result is growing quickly.

There are numerous sites enabling the connection of family and friends as a means of providing updates on a medical procedure or overall wellbeing following a surgical event.  Few sites, however, capture the daily struggles of coping with a condition with anonymity and international reach to those who share your condition and want to show support.  Why is this important? Most begin to feel guilty sharing the details of their condition(s) with family members/friends and would rather connect with those who have empathy and understanding and seek the same level of support.  As much as our families love us, they can never truly grasp the challenge without having personally lived it. is a unique online resource, providing real information exchange between people coping with or caring for anyone with a chronic illness or rare disease.  This virtual support group is free and always available; offering a safe place to anonymously keep multiple diaries of your daily journey, across more than one condition – either privately or shared with others – allowing for shared coping strategies, support for others and the exchange of information.

 The networking site is dedicated to the needs of all types of users including individual patients, caregivers, family members and advocates.  It promotes the importance of keeping a diary of life-changing experiences and the significance of engaging in behaviors and activities which promote health, mental wellness and the self-management of chronic conditions.


“We want people to make authentic, quality, lifelong, and if they wish anonymous connections, and inspire others to face their condition,” said Amy Ohm, executive director and co-founder of the site. was inspired by real stories of people struggling with chronic conditions and in desperate need of support.  The goal is to connect those facing similar circumstances and facilitate the sharing of valuable information and support at every stage of an illness through wellness. Finding and sharing genuine information and experiences is a powerful thing, and this tool gives people the opportunity to do just that.

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