Hospice at Home Leads to Recovery

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hospice care in the homeDuring John Settlemyer’s career in the restaurant industry, he had to know the all ingredients in every dish, holding his chefs to the highest standards for a superior level of excellence.

When it came to his retirement, he used the same research and quality control skills to ensure that he received the finest of care at home.

John was 71 when he was diagnosed with chronic obstructed pulmonary disease, which left him with about 10 percent of his normal lung volume. He used an oxygen machine, was unable to stand or walk without assistance and needed medical care that was outside the expertise of his family.

After getting out of the intensive care unit of a local hospital, John couldn’t do much of anything.

“I just laid in bed, watched TV and slept,” he recalled. “I had lost weight, too.”

His illness left him completely weakened, but his daughter-in-law, Rosemary, worked with him every day to build up his strength. She walked him up and down the steps, helped him out of bed and made sure he was gaining back the weight he had lost in the hospital.

“She was my angel,” said John of his daughter-in-law. “Without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today, but I realized she couldn’t do everything.”

Knowing that his family couldn’t perform complex medical procedures alone, John sought help from Odyssey Health Care, which provides hospice services in the comfort of the home. He heard about the company from his hospital social worker, made the call and let them take care of the rest.

“Cindy, my nurse, would come once or twice a week and check out my blood pressure, listen to my lungs, administer pills and order more medicine,” said John. “My family didn’t have the skills to perform certain medical procedures at home, so Odyssey supplemented their care in a knowledgeable and compassionate way.”

Though most days at home go by without incident, John still needs his health monitored constantly. Just recently, his blood pressure became dangerously high, making his pulse very stressed and rapid. John immediately called Cindy, who called the doctor and ultimately drove him to the hospital. The nurse stayed with him until he was settled in and made sure he was comfortable.

“My favorite part of this care is just knowing that you have somebody who is concerned about you all the time,” John said. “If you need them, all you have to do is pick up the phone and they’ll be right here.”

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