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A former home economics teacher for eight years and special education administrator for 16 years, Margaret Quayle knows how to transform a house into a home. As a military wife and avid traveler, she has established homes from coast to coast. While she has enjoyed her many homes and countless journeys, Margaret is delighted to have found her “home for good.”

Just a year ago, Margaret made her long-planned move to Falcons Landing, a military retirement community in Potomac Falls, Va. She moved to the community from her beautiful home on the coast of Maine to be closer to her family and enjoy a new chapter in her storied life.

After living all over the country, Margaret Quayle found her perfect retirement destination at Falcons Landing, a military retirement community in the Washington, D.C. region.

After living all over the country, Margaret Quayle found her perfect retirement destination at Falcons Landing, a military retirement community in the Washington, D.C. region.

A native of Iowa, Margaret attended college at Iowa State University, where she met Ronald “Ron” Quayle—the man who would become her husband. Already a graduate working for Sandia Corp. in Albuquerque, Ron, an electrical engineer with an ROTC commission, called her in July asking her to marry him. He had just learned that his Air Force duty would begin in Utah early that September.

“Ron decided that I needed to be his wife,” Margaret recalled with a smile. “I told him that if my credits would transfer to the University of Utah, we could get married. The credits transferred, and that was that.”

Three months after graduation, Margaret gave birth to their son. Several years later, the couple welcomed a daughter into their family. When her children were young, Margaret returned to school and earned a Master’s degree in child development and family relations through the Home Economics Department at San Jose State University.

Margaret’s lengthy teaching and administration career included a variety of positions working with students with disabilities. She helped establish a special education program in Dayton, Ohio. She later worked at Gallaudet University, assisting in developing a curriculum for high school students with hearing impairments. She also taught and was principal at a center for teenagers with emotional disturbances in Fairfax County. After many years of service, she retired from the Fairfax County Schools’ Central Office.

After Margaret retired, she and Ron started spending a lot of time at their home in Maine. They also traveled extensively. “I’ve been to 31 countries and all 50 states,” Margaret said.

When Ron passed away three years ago, Margaret started to think more about her future. “We put a deposit down at Falcons Landing back in the late ‘90s, after visiting some friends here, so that was always the plan,” she recalled. “I got tired of all the home maintenance and driving to visit family, and I started to think it was time to move.”

Margaret has never regretted her decision. “This has been such an enriching experience,” she said. “This really is a fascinating place to live; the people here have such a wide variety of experiences.”

One of the things that Margaret enjoys most about Falcons Landing is the fact that she no longer has to cook, but can still enjoy varied and delicious meals. “As a former Home Ec. Teacher, I was always putting gourmet food on the table,” said Margaret. “Now I watch the Food Channel and say, ‘I don’t have to do that anymore.’”

Margaret is also looking forward to enjoying the community’s new facilities that are now under construction, including a new wellness center, casual bistro and business center. “We’re going to have so many upgrades and new options available; it’s wonderful,” she said.

Moving to Falcons Landing has dramatically enhanced Margaret’s lifestyle—and she couldn’t feel more at home. “I’m so glad that I moved here earlier rather than later,” she said. “I always loved the D.C. area, and I was excited to move here again. This is a new chapter in my life, and I’ve really come home to family and friends.”

Published: December 2013


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