Downsize to retirement Community: Hiring Hunks to Haul Junk

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downsizing to retirement communityCarolyn and Richard Thornell have both taught at the university level during their careers, so it was only natural that they’d show an affinity for college students when it came time to pack up their house for a move.

The couple hired College Hunks Hauling Junk, a junk removal team serving Washington, D.C. and the surrounding area. The service assisted them during the entire year before they moved out of their longtime home in Silver Spring to a nearby retirement community.

“We got to the realization that our home was definitely more home than we needed,” recalled Carolyn. “We thought life would be more enjoyable without having to shovel snow, arrange for landscaping and go up and down steps. We needed to downsize.”

The couple had acquired many items over the years, but not all of them were acceptable for donation to charity. They knew some of them was going to have be discarded. Thus began a year-long process of hauling away junk in preparation for the showing of their home, hauling other items to a storage facility and hauling even more junk to a recycling facility or landfill. And that’s making no mention of all the things they had to have hauled to their new home at LeisureWorld.

“Let’s just say that it was a lot to transport,” said Carolyn. “I think they filled up about four truckloads over the course of the summer.”

After their moving coordinator recommended College Hunks Hauling Junk, the couple decided to use the company, which was started by several college students. “They were college kids working to pay for college, so of course that drew us to them,” recalled Richard. “We have three kids who went through that and we know how important it is to get extra income.”

The Thornells were very impressed with the speed and efficiency in which the College Hunks removed their unwanted items.

“They were ready to work, very polite and diligent in their work,” said Richard. “They didn’t waste any time.” The College Hunks’ fee structure is based on the number of truck loads hauled, not by time or weight as is the case with some other junk removal specialists. The fixed billing appealed to the Thornells, who said they felt comfortable knowing exactly how much they’d be paying before the job began.

Carolyn also found that the crew was willing to help out with some things that were outside their job description, with no extra charge. “My husband has serious back problems, and shouldn’t be lifting things,” she said. “They helped out with moving things from place to place in our home, even if it wasn’t going to be hauled away in their truck. There was no questions asked, and they wanted to help right away.”

The Thornells are now settled in and very comfortable in their new home, and they know it wouldn’t have been possible without their collegiate helpers. “We just couldn’t have done it by ourselves,” said Richard. “And it was great to meet some interesting, talented college students along the way.”

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