Helping His Peers Make the Move: Real Estate Services for Retired Seniors

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retired real estate agent for senior citizensFor most of his 40 year career, Clyde Grimm’s name was on the door placard. He was a partner in several different architecture firms before retiring from Grimm and Parker. This father of two and grandfather of five looked forward to retiring, but not for the standard reasons.

Clyde had no plans to move to a beachside resort or gaze out his bedroom window at an expansive golf course. Instead, he decided to help his peers find their ideal retirement locations. Joining the growing number of retirees who immediately embark on second careers, Clyde decided to pursue his real estate license. He has been a Realtor for ten years.

Now, at 83, he is prospering in his new field. “After 40 years as an architect, I was ready for change,” Clyde says. His new profession is much more than a job to fill idle hours. The work is challenging, rewarding, and stimulating, but it is certainly work. In fact, his second career has quite a bit in common with his first. Among the parrallels he cites between the two professions are high client expectations, including demands that professionals are “willing to work hard to achieve the goal” and are “patience enough to keep working until the contract is successfully completed.”

After joining RE/MAX Vision, Clyde and his Broker, Ed White, decided he should focus his practice on helping seniors and their families with the home buying and selling process. Of his newly focused practice, Clyde says, “There is a great opportunity in this field to serve people who are considering a life change which could be one of the biggest decisions that they ever make.”

He realizes that his clients may be in vulnerable positions or overwhelmed by the scope of the retirement living real estate market. “There are widows and widowers who are alone and could use some advice and assistance. And everyone can benefit from having one source for all the retirement living options in Maryland and Delaware,” notes Clyde.

Clyde helps his clients review all the options and decide whether or not they are ready for a move. Together, they consider everything from community amenities to concerns for future care. “After understanding their needs and desires, I can assist them in finding a home that meets or exceeds their expectations. When that happens, I will be as pleased as the clients,” Clyde concludes.

Helping his peers fulfill their retirement dreams has provided a rewarding second career for Clyde Grimm. One of the many perks of the job: he will certainly know exactly where he wants to retire-if he ever does.

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