Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit in a Retirement Community

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fitness center in a media, pa retirement communityNow more than ever, Martins Run Senior Living Community in Media, Pa., is fulfilling its mission to enrich the lives of its residents through a focus on the whole person — mind, body and spirit. Just this past spring, the residential community celebrated the grand opening of a new, state-of-the-art Energy Club that provides a plethora of fitness activities.

Natalie Levine was quick to take advantage of the Energy Club’s spacious facilities, especially the heated, indoor swimming pool. Before moving to Martins Run in December of 2008, Natalie lived in Florida where she was an avid swimmer. “I swam every day in Florida,” says Natalie, who is thrilled to once again have a pool she can use year round. It takes her about 30 minutes to swim 10 laps in the Energy Club’s 18-yard pool. “I get a lot of satisfaction from swimming.”

Natalie also walks regularly, a healthy habit she began decades ago after her husband suffered a heart attack and was advised to walk as part of his rehabilitation program. “Walking not only helped him, it helped me,” Natalie says, noting that in all her 91 years of life she’s never had a serious illness. “We found it so enjoyable because we conversed on subjects we never would have talked about otherwise.” A deep appreciation for nature developed, and Natalie loves strolling around the Martins Run campus to admire the beautiful trees and flower beds.

For variety, Natalie also takes a yoga class. With her apartment-home connected to the glass-walled Energy Club by one short corridor, Natalie can easily walk over to attend the yoga classes that are held in the large group exercise room. “It’s relaxing,” she says. “The instructor tells us to do the best we can and not worry about doing it exactly as she does.”

Jack Goldfarb, who has been a resident of Martins Run since November of 2006, also participates in the yoga classes. “Yoga tones my muscles, gives me greater flexibility, and is good for relaxation,” he says. To enhance his strength, Jack has used some of the air-pressured resistance training equipment, which is located in another room of the Energy Club along with cardiovascular machines, such as recumbent steppers and bicycles. He also builds strength by walking in the pool. “One reason I love the Energy Club is because I’ll have a warm pool in wintertime!”

Open daily from early morning to mid-afternoon, the Energy Club is connected by a walk-thru to all the residences, eliminating the need to go outside. With large windows overlooking an outdoor patio, the attractive club also has a juice bar with tables and chairs that residents can use for post-workout refreshments. Locker rooms provide a convenient place to change clothes, store belongings, and shower.

Professional fitness instruction is a crucial part of the Energy Club’s services. “We have a fulltime lifeguard/fitness associate on staff,” says Linda Beaver, who is the fulltime fitness coordinator for the Energy Club. “In addition to leading exercise classes and teaching everyone how to use the exercise equipment, we provide individualized exercise programs to those residents who would like to follow a regimen designed specifically for them.”

When not exercising, both Natalie and Jack enjoy reading and frequently visit the newly renovated library at Martins Run. “I go there every day to read The New York Times,” says Natalie, who loves how the library was refurnished and redesigned for greater ease of use. Having a penchant for mysteries, Jack finds plenty of good reads from the 5,000-plus books in stock.

“Libraries are wonderful; they can stimulate your mind,” says Ann Ritterman, the community’s librarian and a resident of Martins Run for four years. “I try to provide whatever information I can to keep the residents here fully informed and entertained.” The library’s business center, which houses several computers, a printer and a copier, is well used by the residents, too, giving them access to the Internet and a wealth of software and other services.

A former elementary school teacher, Jack also enjoys the Martins Run University lecture series that are held in the auditorium. Led by college professors, the educational lectures cover a range of topics from politics and religion to music and medicine. “I also love going to the concerts and movies in our modern theater,” Jack says. The remodeled theater boasts plush seating and a large projection screen with surround sound, making it ideal for first-rate movies and live performances.

As for mealtime, Martins Run residents were recently introduced to the community’s new Terrace Dining Room. The Terrace offers buffet-style lunches and dinners, including a salad bar and dessert bar, in a casual environment. “I like being able to serve myself whatever I want,” says Jack. “The most delightful part is that I can have ice cream every night.”

Hilde and Jack Jagodzinski are fans of both the Terrace and Fireside Dining Rooms, admitting their decision on where to eat boils down to the menu for the day. “The buffet at the Terrace Dining Room usually wins us over, and my daughter and grandsons love going there for the wider selection of dishes.”

Natalie prefers dining in the elegant Fireside Dining Room where the ambiance is more reserved. “I enjoy the sit-down service,” she says, “and the fact that they offer a kosher menu.” For added entertainment, Martins Run hosts demonstration cooking events on certain nights throughout the year. Frequently, the executive chefs offer new, fresh menu choices much to the pleasure of residents.

Natalie’s busy social life also involves playing bridge three or four times a week and studying other languages. Yet, she still finds ample time to relax in her lovely apartment-home. “Before deciding to move to Martins Run, my husband and I stayed here for a three-month trial. It worked out so well that we decided to move in permanently,” Natalie recalls. “I love the view of the golf course.”
Hilde is also fond of her apartment view, which overlooks the golf course. Her and Jack moved into Martins Run this past February, and couldn’t be more pleased with their decision. “We’re still in the process of hanging pictures on the wall so our apartment is a bit bare, but we don’t notice much because it is such a pleasant atmosphere here,” says Hilde. “The people here make it feel like home.”

All of the apartment-homes are being newly designed to feature the latest in home design and deluxe living amenities. In addition to spacious, modern kitchens and baths, the one- and two-bedroom apartments have walk-in closets and washers and dryers. The upscale décor includes durable bamboo flooring as well as energy efficient windows, patio doors and HVAC system.

While Hilde and Jack are still becoming acquainted with the senior living community, they are aware of the many opportunities available to them, and Hilde says “the staff keeps residents well-informed with all of the memos, as far as the abundance of activities going on throughout the community.” An avid reader, Hilde is especially looking forward to taking advantage of the large assortment of books in the library.

“The Energy Club, Terrace Dining Room, new apartment designs and other renovations enhance the active, diverse lifestyles our residents seek,” says Linda Sterthous, CEO of Martins Run. “The changes have transformed Martins Run, opening the door to a whole world of new recreational, culinary and social experiences.”

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