Having a Health Care Manager and Friends to Turn to

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Choosing a Friend in RetirementHal Ely could never forget that day at the bowling alley when he met Kay, the woman that would become his future wife of nearly 50 years.

“I kept making strikes that day,” he said with a laugh. “I went over and showed her and her friend how to score for two strikes in a row.”

Eventually they were put on the same summer league team while Kay became Hal’s personal cheering section as he umpired for baseball games.

And ever since, it has been an uphill ride for the Elys with three children and five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

For the couple, retirement could not have come sooner. While he worked as an accountant and she a retirement plan specialist, they looked forward to the extra time they could spend on their favorite activities.

The Elys knew, however, that they would need some help along the way. As they evaluated the different housing options in the SourceBook, they noticed an ad for Senior Supportive Services, Inc.

“It sounded too good to be true,” said Hal. “But we found they really could offer us all the assistance we needed.”

For the past three years, Michael Mastroieni and Jeanette Mastroieni-Cave have helped the couple with their retirement funds, long-term care insurance and income taxes while enabling them to navigate the Medicare system. They were also able to offer expertise on various surrounding retirement communities when the Elys were planning to move.

“They had a lot of experience with different communities and made several suggestions to us,” said Hal. “They’re terrific, very much people-oriented and efficient in what they do.”

With their worries behind them, the Elys are busier than ever. Enjoying the scenic views of their new home, Tel Hai Retirement Community, they are devoting their time to their favorite pastimes: music and baseball. The couple sings in the choir and Kay, who plays the French horn, has started a band within their community. Hal, who helped start the Norristown Community Chorale, works with staff to put on various musical programs while singing for chapel services and at baseball games.

And of course they make sure to spend time with Michael and Jeanette, two individuals they cannot thank enough for helping them find a home and solve their financial questions.

“They are much more like personal friends than associates or advisors,” said Hal. “Or I should say very helpful friends.”

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