Happy Together–Attleboro

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Jack and Helen Kleinhenz have enjoyed a close and happy marriage for more than 40 years. Despite their different lifestyle needs, the couple found the help they needed to continue living happily together in retirement.

Last year, Jack and Helen moved to Attleboro, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Langhorne, PA., offering Independent Living, Personal Care, and a Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Native Pennsylvanians, Jack and Helen left the state only briefly when a job transfer took them to Connecticut. They returned to their home state a mere five years later and settled in Washington Crossing, and never left.

Jack made his living as a commercial insurance salesman, while Helen was a hairdresser who operated her own salon. After Helen developed Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Jack took on the role of caregiver. As her care needs increased, he enlisted the assistance of home health aids. Following Triple Bypass Surgery in 2007, Jack began to have trouble providing the increasing levels of care that Helen needed.

When Jack started researching local Continuing Care Retirement Communities, he immediately thought of Attleboro because Helen’s parents lived in the community years ago. After his first visit, he knew he had found their new home. He loved the overall atmosphere at Attleboro, as well as the friendliness of the staff and residents.

Married for over 40 years, Jack and Helen Kleinhenz treasure the time they spend together at Attleboro Community.

Married for over 40 years, Jack and Helen Kleinhenz treasure the time they spend together at Attleboro Community.

Jack submitted an application to Attleboro and placed the couple’s longtime home on the market. Thinking the process would take awhile, Jack was pleasantly surprised when the first couple who toured made an offer on the house.

In November 2012, Helen moved into Attleboro Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Jack settled into his apartment in Independent Living.

With the stresses of moving behind them, Jack and Helen quickly settled into their new home. “Since we’ve been at Attleboro life is so much less stressful. I don’t have all the worries of the house. I also have such peace of mind knowing that Helen’s needs are so well taken care of,” Jack said.

Jack spends most of his days with Helen. “We look forward to the church services and spending time in the community’s beautiful outdoor areas,” explained Jack. “When our son visits from out of town, Helen and I appreciate the fact that we can invite him here for lunch or dinner to share a family meal together.”

After Helen retires for the evening, Jack is able to participate in various activities with his new friends. “I’ve become close with the people who sit with me at dinner and enjoy the conversation. Everyone here is so nice. I really enjoy the Monday night entertainment in Independent Living, and I always try to attend,” he said.

While Jack and Helen knew that moving would make life easier for them, they had no idea how enriched their lives would be. Now, the time they spend together is relaxed and enjoyable and filled with new friends and interests.

Published: November 2013


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