Grateful for Extra Help

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When Bill Tayler’s combat engineer battalion joined the war in Western Europe in 1944, he learned just how well his hometown had prepared him for the winter weather conditions.

“Thankfully I was raised in Buffalo, N.Y., since it was the coldest winter in 10 years!” he said.

When the war ended, there were 3.5 million U.S. Soldiers in the European Theatre that were sent home under a point system based on length of service. Bill did not have enough points to return home right away. Therefore he enrolled in a U.S. Army program at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

Bill, however, did eventually return in 1946 and went on to graduate from the University of Rochester after an accelerated schedule at Harvard Law School. He became a trial lawyer specializing in fraud at the civil division of the Justice Department. “We went after contractors who had defrauded the government, even during the war there were people doing this,” said Bill.

In Bill’s marriage he had a son and daughter. His son Jeff is now a correspondent for the Atlantic living in Moscow and his daughter Susan, lives in Washington D.C. After the marriage to his first wife ended, Bill met Mary Dent Crisp, a prominent republican politico who had also been recently divorced.

When Mary developed Parkinson’s disease and experienced several falling incidents, the couple decided to move to the Ingleside at Rock Creek. “It improved our life because of the close access to medical care,” said Bill.

He soon learned he had made the right choice after suffering a stroke and moving to the assisted living section of the community this year. Additional help, however, was soon on the way with Rebekah Phelps of Extra You, LLC, an innovative company offering personal concierge services to individuals from 4 to 40 hours per month.

“Rebekah has become a very important person in my life,” he said. Having lost some of his short-term memory, he now has help with arranging appointments, shopping, organizing his files, writing checks and going to various doctor’s appointments.

She has also organized Bill’s personal items, transitioned him out of a storage space within Ingleside and dealt with recent car issues. Though she helps him with these tasks twice a week, they are transitioning to meeting once a week following a schedule that is convenient for Bill and his needs.

As he now has Extra You, LLC that enables him to venture off campus, Bill has been extremely grateful for the help he has received. “I don’t ever have to worry, Rebekah has become invaluable to me,” he said.

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