Good Taste and Talent in a Retirement Community

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Active Senior Peggy Judd

In addition to pursuing her passion for ceramics, Peggy Judd often utilizes her retirement community's fitness center, which she says has changed her life.

Each year before the onset of winter, there is a group of individuals that takes in the golden hues and crisp air of autumn while enjoying a cherished tradition.  Always a crowd pleaser, Pine Run’s Fall Festival triumphed again in 2011.  All that creative energy came together on a Saturday to entertain and delight friends, family and Doylestown neighbors who count on it for gift items, delicious baked goods, quality art and crafts, and a chance to discover something wonderful.    

Talented residents focused their efforts, creating an assortment of gifts and original art work for purchase. Unique designs, often a collaborative effort between designer and craftsperson, made shopping easy.  Inspired by Doylestown’s historic Moravian Pottery and Tile Works, the tiles designed and made in the Pine Run Craft Barn are artistically sensitive with a graphic quality. 

So many different techniques and approaches to clay are thanks to ceramics instructor Sylvia Roman, a Pennsylvania Craft Guild artist who clearly enjoys teaching and is known for her Raku firing mastery.  “There is a lot of creative energy here,” she said.  “Everyone knew what they wanted to do.”

Peggy Judd found what she wanted to do after moving to the community.  “My life had changed and I came here on the early side my children thought, but I wanted to get situated for my future.”

“Pine Run was my decision,” she continued.  “I liked that it didn’t require a large up-front commitment.”

The continuing care retirement community offers a flexible and affordable, fee-for-service program.  Owned and operated by well-regarded Doylestown Hospital, its full range of care continuum includes a culture of informed wellness, a popular Fit for Life program, a regionally strong Rehabilitative Center and senior health care. 

Peggy’s early move to the community was fortuitous.  Shortly after settling in, she faced a sudden health emergency that was met quickly and professionally.  The quality of the care through her healing process got Peggy up and going again with a greater appreciation for all that comes with being a Pine Run resident.Performer at Pine Run Retirement Community

Senior Peggy Judd in Art Room

As evident at its annual Fall Festival, Pine Run Community is buzzing with artists as Peggy and her peers explore new talents inspired by their community's scenic surroundings.

“It was completely unexpected.  I can’t imagine how it might have turned out if I hadn’t been here,” Peggy confided. “Here I am. The fitness program absolutely changed my life. I do that and I discovered a love for ceramics. It’s great to be the student again, pursuing my own interests.”    

Peggy, a retired elementary school teacher from the Upper Dublin School District, selected a garden cottage as her home at the community.  Apartments with many custom features and direct garage access are also a popular option.  A low cost, one-time entry fee and an equity saving 90 percent refundable program are both available. 

 “Some very gifted artists live at Pine Run.  They are drawn to and inspired by the naturally beautiful surroundings,” Peggy noted.  Gardeners appreciate the lovely Bucks County setting as well. Mature plantings, flower gardens and “Back-Ache-ers”, the community vegetable garden, are happy evidence of that.

Pine Run’s active population pursues many interests and is part of the fabric of life in Doylestown.  Many different committees and volunteer interests keep everyone out and about.  Travel is also a popular past time; the community offers a convenient ‘away credit’ to accommodate vacationing residents.  It would be safe to say, however, given Peggy’s newfound interests and the opportunities for individuals to share their creativity, that life at the community is a vacation in itself.

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