Home Care: Giving the Gift of a Lifetime

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in home healthcare provided for senior citizensJacqueline Korassa, a home caregiver, never expected much in return for her services. She took pride in the comfort she gave her patients, and the happiness and trust she built with their families. Little did she know that she was to receive a lot more than she ever dreamed of.

At 89 years old, Mrs. Helene Lewis had broken her hip and was transferred directly from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility. When it came time for her to leave rehab, her children realized that she couldn’t return to the home in which she had been living alone. They preferred that she receive personal and individualized attention from around-the-clock caregivers. In November 2006, the family sought the services of CarePlus Home Health.

CarePlus sent Jackie, a nursing assistant, to care for Mrs. Lewis for 12 hours, every day of the week. For one month, almost around-the-clock, Jackie provided the Lewis family with compassionate and dedicated care. Eventually, Jackie noticed a change in Mrs. Lewis’ condition and immediately notified a daughter who arranged for Mrs. Lewis to be hospitalized. Mrs. Lewis died on December 9, 2006 while in the hospital.

The three children of Mrs. Lewis invited Jackie to attend the services for their mother, and took her out for nice dinner afterward. During the meal, the children expressed their heartfelt gratitude for all that Jackie had done for their mother, and how she often went above and beyond the duties the family expected of her.

In an extreme gesture of appreciation, they offered Jackie the opportunity to become a registered nurse. They agreed that Jackie would be able to select any accredited school of nursing and their family would pay the tuition and fees. Overcome with emotion and shock, Jackie could hardly believe what she had heard.

The Lewis family has continued to be in touch with Jackie and to include her in family events. Jackie’s, whose own family lives in Tanzania, says she is very happy to have a second family in America that takes so much interest in her welfare.

Jackie has just enrolled in the Columbia College for Nursing in Takoma Park, Maryland, and her benefactors could not be happier to be making her dream come true! Furthermore, CarePlus Home Health could not be prouder to have Jackie amongst its ranks.

Bravo, Jackie!

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