Getting the Care You Need at Home: Home Care Agencies

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elder couple in nursing homeIn her mid-seventies, Josephine Syres is full of wisdom. A retired government employee and current resident of Overbrook Park, Pennsylvania, Mrs. Syres views her and her husband John’s decision to retire at home as one of her wisest.

John and Josephine Syres joined Friends Life Care At Home after living in a local retirement community. “We had known about Friends Life Care At Home since I had worked with the Department of Health & Human Services. It was my job to inspect nursing facilities. I became an expert,” Josephine says.

Always active, the couple participated in the local African-American community when they first moved to the Philadelphia area. As head of the Haddington Leadership Organization, Josephine led the drive to redevelop a section of West Philadelphia in the 1960s. John was a counselor in the Philadelphia School District’s pupil personnel department, and is an accomplished artist with 29 watercolors displayed in the Smithsonian National Gallery.

Having moved to Overbrook Park in 1985, Josephine continues her community activities as much as she can. “As John and I get older, we really value our time together, but I still have time for my community,” she proudly proclaims. Josephine serves on their condominium complex’s budget committee.

When they began thinking about long-term care, the Syres were concerned about spending their later years at home. With her husband seven years her senior, Josephine didn’t know if she was up to the challenge of caring for her husband at home as he grew older. “I thought that we might get better care if we were in a community where help was just a call away. We quickly realized that in-home care gives us exactly that service, yet we remain independent and in our own home.”

Josephine called on the services of her Care Coordinator when she had a couple of minor surgical procedures. “Friends Life Care At Home was my saving grace during my recent cataract surgery. It provided transportation to and from my surgery, and John and I had care at home while I was recovering.” She also was given peace of mind during a hospital stay knowing that the service was available for her husband. “In my absence, my husband was given the daily care that I usually provide him. I wasn’t worried about how he was doing at home because I knew he was in good hands,” she relates.

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