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While working as a program specialist for IBM, Sarah Veerhoff got the opportunity to live all over the country and the world. During her 27 years with the company, she lived in Dallas, Los Angeles, London, Moscow, Chicago, Kansas City, and New York-among other places. “My coworkers and I used to say that IBM stood for ‘I’ve been moved,'” she jokes.

Of her job, she says, “I really loved the work; I loved the logic of computers, and I loved the idea that with teleprocessing you could have groups of people communicating with each other through the computer. That was a really fascinating development at that time.”

One of her most interesting, work-related experiences happened while she was living in Russia. She was teaching classes on how to install one of their programs when all the IBM employees on the project were asked to leave Russia. She remembers, “Carter had cancelled U.S. involvement in the Olympics, which were being held in Moscow that year. We were all asked to leave pretty much immediately. It was a shock, and it was really too bad because we were getting a lot accomplished.”

After retiring from IBM, Sarah stayed in the DC area. Because of the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), she began to have problems handling her personal book keeping. The MS Society recommended that she call Help Unlimited, Inc., a daily money management firm, for assistance. That was four years ago, and she has been using their services ever since.

Mandy Gosier, a client representative with Help Unlimited, comes to Ms. Veerfhoff’s home every other week for a few hours to help her with bill paying and paperwork. “Mandy balances my checkbook and makes sure that everything is paid on time. She helps me file some paperwork as well. Everything she does is filed, and she is even helping to organize some of my older files,” explains Sarah.

Knowing that her bills are all paid and her paperwork is in order gives Ms. Veerhoff enormous peace of mind. Help Unlimited has also made recommendations for an accountant, who helps Sarah with her taxes, and suggestions that will make it easier for her to plan for the future. She concludes, “It is a great company that offers a really helpful service.”

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