Getting Home Sooner with Rehabilitation

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High-Quality Rehabilitative Services Make a Difference

It’s a well-documented fact that patients who have the opportunity to participate in rehabilitation after an injury or illness show improved functional outcomes over those who do not.  Rehabilitation, in the appropriate setting, provides the maximum potential for recovery. The higher level of care provided in an acute rehabilitation hospital allows for improved outcomes and leads to discharge in a shorter amount of time.

Rehabilitation Hospitals offer a full continuum of rehabilitative programs and services for individuals who have suffered a major accident or illness, including trauma, stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, amputation, arthritis, chronic pain, and neuromuscular and pulmonary diseases. A team of highly skilled physicians, therapists, Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses (CRRN®) and support staff provides a more intense regimen, greater therapy time, and increased availability of pharmacy and laboratory services compared to other levels of rehabilitative care.

Each Rehabilitation Hospital is led by a medical director who supervises the hospital’s multi-disciplinary team to provide a coordinated program of care including goal setting, treatment plans, family education and discharge planning. Careful physician supervision ensures that all patients’ rehabilitation programs are compatible with and appropriate for their medical condition.

“We are team oriented and hands on in our approach to rehabilitation,” said Shaik Samdani, M.D., Medical Director at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Virginia. “At our hospital, an independent private practice physician sees a patient frequently and rarely less than four or five times a week. Physicians also lead weekly meetings to discuss each patient’s progress toward meeting rehabilitation goals.”

Patients at Rehabilitation Hospitals benefit from fully equipped therapy gyms housing the latest in rehabilitative technology. These innovative technologies help patients walk again, regain use of their arms or hands, swallow more efficiently, improve communication, and regain concentration and balance. Specifically, the AutoAmbulator®, created by and exclusive to HealthSouth, improves a patient’s ability to ambulate. This sophisticated treadmill device uses the therapeutic concept of body weight-supported ambulation and robotics to help patients with gait disorders.

Demonstrating Results

For each patient admitted, Rehabilitation Hospitals use Functional Independence Measure, or FIM®, instruments to measure a patient’s functional ability in 18 separate areas. A collective FIM® score is obtained upon hospital admission and discharge.  In addition to tracking and reporting the two scores for each patient, the scores are rated against each other, measuring the success of the hospital’s services to improve functional abilities such as mobility, activities of daily living, bladder and bowel control, and cognition.

“Our goal is for our patients to become as independent as possible,” said HealthSouth’s Director of Therapy Jason Waibel. “We use specific measurement tools to make sure we are properly assessing and targeting goals to help patients reach their fullest potential.”

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