Formulating a “Game-Plan”: Long-Term Care Insurance

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senior citizens with insurancePieter and Phyllis DeSmit have spent their lives teaching and coaching children and young adults. After retiring from long and prosperous careers, the two found that it was time to educate themselves about long-term care insurance. They realized early on that they needed a “game-plan” in order to be able to continue to live their full and active lives during retirement.

Pieter spent a large portion of his career working for the Baltimore Friends School as its athletic director. He retired in 1997, but he fondly remembers how coaching on many different levels allowed him to watch “a kindergartener grow from an eager fledgling want-to-be to a mature, accomplished person living life with confidence as a 17 year old.” Phyllis also taught in Baltimore, at Bryn Mawr School, and retired in 1997. She thoroughly enjoyed her time at this girl’s school because of the diversity of the students’ individual personalities.

For these two devoted and inspired educators, retirement was not an ending, but rather, a new beginning. They are still actively involved in their community and look forward to continuing to foster their treasured relationships with their children and their spouses and their seven grandchildren. One of the primary reasons they decide to purchase long-term care insurance is because of their love for their family. The couple wanted to “be prepared for the future, physically and financially, and avoid being a burden to family.”

Before deciding which long-term care insurance plan to purchase, the two certainly did their research. They investigated plans with four difference companies and got a feel for the expected costs and the likelihood of need in the years ahead. While investigating these plans they specifically looked at the future viability of the policy and the company backing it, the personal services offered by the company, and the breadth of coverage provided by the policy. The couple quickly learned that many of the policies had similar features, but they found their perfect fit when they found Coventry Care Link, which “was unique in addressing our desire to maintain our lifestyle in our home environment as long as possible. This includes annual wellness assessment and follow up to encourage us to achieve and maintain our emotion, social, mental, and physical goals. Coventry also provides a directory for home maintenance, home repair, and personal services.”

They had found a company that provided long-term care insurance and a network of related services. The personal involvement of the company and their focus on enabling their clients to remain at home convinced Phyllis and Pieter that they had found a policy to fit their current lifestyles and their anticipated needs for the future.

The two are now secure in their future, and while they look forward to remaining in their home, they know that should a need arise they would be able to make a smooth transition to a retirement community. Long-Term care insurance has given them the security to live life to the fullest with the knowledge that the future is taken care of.

This accomplished couple continues to grow and prosper with confidence; Phyllis works as a Mission’s Coordinator for their local church, and Pieter works as a substitute teacher and a part-time Home Depot sales associate. The two also volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, play tennis, golf, travel, and get together with their family during their leisure hours. After facilitating the positive development of countless children in the Baltimore area, it is not surprising that the DeSmit’s have ensured that their own continued development is planned for.

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