Forming a Strong Bond with a Caregiver

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Transitions are never easy, and the desire to age in place or move in with one’s children has become an increasing trend. In the case of Ms. Viola Livingston, the stress accompanying her return home from the hospital was eased by a local home health care company.

While living with her daughter, Sharon Livingston, in her home in Mitchellville, Md., Viola had been admitted to the hospital for rehabilitative services in July. When it was time for her to be discharged, it became quite evident that additional care would be needed at home. It was very important to Viola and her daughter that her departure from the hospital be as effortless and comfortable as possible, especially since Sharon was working full-time.

For the Livingstons, the choice for a home care provider was obvious given that they were extremely happy with the level of service, care and personalized attention that Viola received during her hospital stay from caregivers with Specialty Care Services.

Executive Director Al Simons worked with Viola and Sharon to ensure a seamless transition in care and to see that some of the same staff from the hospital accompanied Viola to her home.

Since August, the caregivers have not only assisted Viola with the activities of daily living, including bathing and dressing, but they have also attended medical appointments with her.

The Livingstons cannot speak highly enough of the caregivers with whom they have developed a strong bond. According to Viola, she has bonded especially with Hawa Coulibaly who she has long talks with ranging from their favorite television shows to current political events.

Sharon said she has noticed a difference in her mother’s mood as she looks forward to Hawa’s company and being able to share her thoughts, feelings and opinions with someone.

“She really cherishes the relationship she has been able to establish,” said Sharon.

And this in turn has made all the difference for Viola’s busy daughter, who can now rest assured knowing that following a smooth transition, her mother is being taken care of and has found new friends in the process. For these reasons, the Livingstons found their home health care provider to not only be the obvious, but also the right choice.

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