Former Educators Plan for the Future: Retirement and Financial Planning

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grandparents in the cold after planning future financialA former principal and a kindergarten teacher, respectively, Paul and Shirley Willey spent most of their careers in the local school system. After retiring, they quickly found they “missed all the action” that a school environment provides. Paul and Shirley both found the excitement they craved-in very different ways. Shirley now acts as a tour guide for school children; she provides tours of Lancaster, Valley Forge, and the Brandywine Valley. Daily rounds of golf keep Paul busy; he plays every day there is not snow on the ground.

While their adjustment to retirement was smooth, the couple did have some lingering doubts about their financial stability. Shirley explains, “We are children of the depression and have always been big savers, but as we got older, we began to get a little nervous about our financial stability in the future, especially considering the extremely high costs of care.” The Willeys started attending dinners and seminars held by brokers and financial specialists, but they were afraid these specialists would funnel all of their money into one specific investment. Wanting a more comprehensive financial planning solution, Shirley and Paul turned to Creative Capital Solutions, and Fred Hubler.

“I was hesitant at first to give up control of our finances,” admits Shirley. The couple ran Mr. Hubler’s credentials by their accountant and checked his references; when everything checked out, they decided to go forward. Shirley’s initial reservations were quickly quelled: “Fred meets with us once a month now, and he explains everything very well. He is so likable and patient, has a great sense of humor, and is easy to understand.”

After working with the company for a year and half, the Willeys began to consider purchasing long-term care insurance through Lincoln Financial. Shirley says, “We were worried about how quickly we would go through all our funds if we needed care. We always felt like we couldn’t afford long-term care insurance, though, because of our age.” Fred explained to the Willeys that insurance was still an affordable option and that their specific policy would allow them to use their benefits in any way they chose. Because long-term care insurance policies can be confusing, Fred was careful to explain their policy and the benefits it entailed to the Willeys several times. “He explained everything until we were comfortable,” notes Shirley.

For now, the Willeys are content playing golf and showing kids the local sites, but they are beginning to consider a move to a retirement community. Knowing that the funds their insurance policy will provide will make that move possible is very comforting for them. Not surprisingly, these two educators continue to carefully plan for their future.

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