Flourishing in a Christian Community

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After serving as a minister and a 10-year career with the Salvation Army, Phillip Reilly moved to Christ’s Home Retirement Community, a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) in Warminster, PA. As a minister, Mr. Reilly was acutely aware of the commitment required to serve others. Upon his retirement Mr. Reilly searched for a retirement community that demonstrated that type of commitment– one that would encourage him to flourish, while maintaining his independence.

Finding a retirement community with a strong Christian philosophy was very important to him. He wanted a devout, yet non-sectarian, community where he could feel secure that his current and future needs would be met. Mr. Reilly remembers, “I looked at several different communities. I was interested in Christ’s Home Retirement Community. I met with their Administrator, Kevin Williams, and that was really the selling point. After meeting with Kevin and several of the residents, I knew this was the right place for me. I was so impressed with their ideas and their concern for one another, as well their knowledge of the history and mission of the community.”

The move to Christ’s Home Retirement Community has been a positive experience for Mr. Reilly. “I haven’t regretted one day since my decision to begin my new life at Christ’s Home Retirement Community. I do not think I have ever been happier with a living arrangement than I have been since moving here. From the Administrator down to every single staff member, the employees here continue to impress me. As for the residents, there is not one person here that I cannot call my friend,” he relates.

Mr. Reilly has been at Christ’s Home for seven years now and is the President of their Independent Living Association, a position that allows him to represent his fellow residents and remain involved in the community. Surrounded by a caring and dedicated staff and living amongst friends, Mr. Reilly has found the perfect independent living arrangement for himself today and in the future.

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