Finding the Right Community: Assisted Living

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senior citizen finds a good retirement community

Diana and Joe Cohn began the process of looking for assisted living after she encountered a fall at home. After their first move, Joe was diagnosed with dementia and his weight dropped nearly 60 pounds over a short time. When his health declined further, he was no longer able to walk or talk. The Cohn family decided it was time to consider an extended care facility that would allow the couple to live closer together. At their old facility, they had to live in separate buildings, since his condition required a higher level of care.

Despite medical doubts that her husband would live for another t

ly grateful that her family made a decision that allowed her to enjoy another two years with him. She calls it a miracle; her children call it a good decision.

Whatever the intervention, today as she reflects on their decision, Mrs. Cohn feels lucky that they made the choice when they did. Moving is always challenging, and the Cohns faced several medical difficulties that further complicated their move. Only after making a smooth transition did they begin realize how positive and life-altering their decision to move would turn out to be.

Finding a community where they could be together, and where Mr. Cohn could benefit from the support of a qualified nursing staff, allowed the couple to focus their time on each other. Today, Mrs. Cohn remains engaged in activities at Renaissance Gardens.

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