Finding the Help You Need: Care Management

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care management help resident“I enjoy my life. At 92, I think I’m doing really well,” says Harriette Russell. In her nearly 100 years, Mrs. Russell has faced her share of challenges. She points out that the most important thing one can do during difficult times is “find good help.”

Mrs. Russell was living with her husband in their family home in Havertown when his health began to deteriorate. She realized that she needed some assistance. Mrs. Russell was listening to a radio show when she first heard about Senior Supportive Services, Inc., a one-stop shop for older adults’ and their families’ needs. This Geriatric Care Management Firm provides free, comprehensive evaluations of a client’s physical, social, mental, financial, and legal situations. They suggest a care plan personalized for the client’s needs, inform the client of all available options, and help to implement the client’s choices.

“I knew I needed help, but I didn’t know where to turn before I heard about their services,” says Mrs. Russell. Since that time, which was over 10 years ago, Mrs. Russell has received on-going assistance from the firm. Jeanette Mastroieni-Cave, the President and founder of the company, has become a personal friend.

After her husband’s passing, Jeanette and her staff helped Mrs. Russell get her affairs in order. Mrs. Russell recalls, “She made suggestions as to what I should do next. At that point in my life, I was so mixed up that I didn’t know what to do. She helped me sort everything out and move forward.”

Once they had assessed her financial situation, Senior Supportive Services helped Mrs. Russell select an appropriate independent living community. They arranged for the sale of her family home and provided comprehensive assistance to ensure a good transition to her new home.

Just four years ago, because of her changing health care needs, Mrs. Russell decided to move again. Jeanette helped her select an assisted living community that could meet her needs and then worked with her to make another seamless move.

Last year, nursing home care was suggested by the community where she had lived. Recognizing Mrs. Russell’s strong resistance to this change, Jeanette suggested moving to an apartment and arranged for a live-in caregiver. With all her care needs met, Mrs. Russell’s new living environment has allowed her to live her life to the fullest.

Of Senior Supportive Services, Mrs. Russell says, “They have been helping me for so long now, and we really have a wonderful relationship. Jeanette is an extraordinarily kind person, and she really knows her business very well.”

Mrs. Russell feels lucky to have found such caring and talented people to help her during several major transitions. Now settled into her new apartment, she concludes, “I’m good. I’m really very lucky and life is good.”

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