Finding the Care Needed: Retirement Community Assistance

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retirement community assistance care residentLong-time Towson residents, Lucille and Charles Quinan raised their children in the area and spent most of their 68 years of marriage in the same house. The couple met and married when Lucille was just 16. Later, Charles began working as an insurance agent for the Life Insurance Company of Virginia, a position he held for over 30 years before retiring.

When Charles began to experience some health problems, Lucille and her two children knew they needed help. The family agreed that Mr. Quinan should remain in his long-time home, but they quickly realized that they needed some extra assistance to make this a reality. The couple’s daughter, Lois Behles, explains, “I began researching on my own. Initially, I didn’t really know where to turn. When I called the social worker at a local retirement community, she explained that we might need a care manager.”

The social worker recommended that Lois call Roland Park Senior Solutions, a personalized care management firm serving the Baltimore metro area. That phone call changed everything for the Quinan family.

“I have worked with countless doctors and professionals because of the special needs of my children, so I am very good at judging people,” Lois says. She continues, “As soon as I met Susan Newhouse and Helen Streimer [the owners and care managers with Roland Park Senior Solutions], I knew that they were caring and compassionate and that they could help us.” During their initial visit to the Quinans’ home, the care managers assessed the family’s needs and explained what services they could arrange for to meet those needs.

At first, the goal was to obtain the necessary care for Mr. Quinan, in the form of in-home care providers. However, they also recommended services to help Mrs. Quinan with bill paying, grocery shopping, and other daily needs. Lois notes, “24 hours a day, no matter what she needed, my mother always had someone to call.” For the entire family, having reliable professionals to turn to for information, referrals, and reassurance was invaluable.

Of the care managers, Lois concludes, “I looked in the thesaurus to find a word to even describe their kindness, and there really isn’t one. They were truly incredible.”

Roland Park Senior Solutions provided assistance to the Quinan family for several months before Mr. Quinan passed away. Today, Mrs. Quinan continues to live in Towson and enjoys the company of her children and grandchildren.

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