Finding Peace of Mind in Looking After a Parent

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For John McCormick, finding a geriatric care manager for his mother that matched her helpful and driven attitude was a top priority.

“Mom was active in so many different things,” he said.

Upon entering the area in 1947, John’s parents purchased a small printing company called The Times. His father was editor while his mother helped out working as a secretary and creating public service editorials. They remained extremely involved in their community as they brought a YMCA into the area and held a big newspaper drive to gain support for the Carroll County General Hospital.

In her spare time, John’s mother made quilts and was active in the local homemaker’s association as well as within her church circle.

With the passing of their father in 1987, John and his sister helped move their mother to Carroll Lutheran Village, where she has lived for 13 years. Although she lived independently initially, a few falling incidents led her to move into the community’s assisted living unit.

Because John works as a neurologist in Florida, he and his sister are able to visit their mother typically about once a month. They knew they needed an additional helping hand, and that is what inevitably led them to Jill Rosner of Rosner Healthcare Consulting. She had been coming on a monthly basis to check on John’s mother and was considering becoming a patient advocate at the time.

“We told her how much that was needed in the community,” said John. “We really encouraged her to continue this business.”

Since enlisting her help, he has enjoyed seeing how much more active his mother has become.

“Jill’s been marvelous,” he said, “She’s gone to the doctor’s office with Mom when neither my sister nor I could be there.”

He could not be happier knowing his mother is in safe hands and that he will always be kept up-to-date. While he focuses on her medical needs, his sister keeps in touch with the part-time companion Jill arranged for their mother.

“She’s given us a great deal of peace of mind knowing she’s so readily available,” John said, “I would definitely recommend her services.”

As John has found, caring for a loved one long-distance can be difficult, but with the help he has received for his mother’s medical and social needs, he now also knows the great positive impact a patient advocate can have.

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