Finding Companionship with a Home Health Aide

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Patient Bessye Clay with Home Nursing Provider Angela Lewis

When Bessye Clay (right) utilized the services of a home health agency, she not only received the care she needed, but found companionship with Registered Nurse Angela Lewis.

After different careers in public service, Baltimore City resident Bessye Clay eventually found herself needing a helping hand.  In June 2010, the North Carolina native, known to her family and friends as ‘Miss Bessye,’ had undergone back surgery.

Desiring to return home, it was clear Miss Bessye would need the assistance of a home health care agency when she was discharged from the hospital.

“I didn’t have any problems with the hospital,” she said.  “But I’d rather be in my home.  It’s more comfortable.”

Fortunately, her doctor referred her to P-B Health, an agency that provides skilled nursing, therapy services, medical social work and personal care.  With the agency, Miss Bessye not only received the care and support she needed, but she found companionship.

Angela Lewis, a Registered Nurse who has been with the agency for 14 years, provided wound care for her surgical incision and Miss Bessye also received physical therapy services.

“The nurses would come out and help me with walking and I did all kinds of therapy with them,” said Miss Bessye.

She has also credited Angela with helping her to avoid what could have been debilitating injuries after she slipped and fell in her home last September.  As a result, Miss Bessye has suffered from sciatica, but said things could have been worse had it not been for Angela checking on her and insisting she go to the hospital.

“If she hadn’t insisted that I go, I might not be able to walk right now,” said Miss Bessye.

Thanks to P-B Health, she made her recovery much quicker than expected and would gladly recommend the agency to others.  With the improvement of her health, however, there has just been one downside for Miss Bessye.

“I wish Angela was still coming,” she said.  “I miss her very much. She was an excellent nurse.”

These days, Miss Bessye enjoys spending time with her family in the area and catching up with Dot, a friend she had made in the hospital who also received care from the home health agency.

“Some of the same nurses that came to see me went to see her,” said Miss Bessye.  “We now call each other every day.  We are always laughing and talking about the great service we have had.”

Excerpts reprinted with permission from the article, ‘The Growing Need for Home Health Care Services’ by Ursula Battle in “The Baltimore Times” (December 3-9, 2010). 

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