Finding a Place to Relax: Active Adults in CCRC

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grandparents in CCRCWhether they are touring the country in their 34-foot motor home or volunteering their time to help improve their community, John and Elaine Munson have no problem keeping busy. In fact, one of their post-retirement goals is to “cut back on some outside activities so as to make more time available locally and to smell the roses.”

For John, “smelling the roses” includes more time honing his golf game, and for Elaine, it means finishing a drawer full of half-done needlework projects. Even after retiring from their careers, Elaine and John have been so involved with and devoted to their causes that there has been little time for relaxation, but the two certainly haven’t missed a beat.

As a scientist specializing in signal processing, John was responsible for developing, managing, and administering scientific developments applied to underwater acoustics. Elaine worked as a reference librarian in a public library. After retiring, the two decided to make the move to a continuing care retirement community in order to be closer to their daughter and because they realized that their health problems could pose serious threats down the road. John has had some heart problems, and Elaine is in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. While the two are still healthy and active today, it is very important to them that they not become a burden to their daughter or her family in the future.

While looking for the perfect retirement community, the Munsons were careful to first develop well-defined criteria. They knew that they wanted to locate a community that was “large enough to be viable and small enough to have a real sense of community.” It was also important to them that the community be a part of “a non-profit, faith-based organization.” Finally, they wanted to be surrounded by “green grass” and “have cultural amenities readily available.” After clearly defining their wants and needs, John and Elaine began their search.

They found exactly what they were looking for when they found Buckingham’s Choice. This vibrant couple is now actively involved in the community at Buckingham’s Choice. They both participate in the Buckingham’s Choice singers, and John is the vice president of the Resident Association and serves on various ad hoc committees. He is also involved in various church and social activities in the larger community; most notably, he was the founding president of ASSISST, an organization that provides volunteer services to the elderly. In addition to singing in the choir, Elaine serves on the library committee and in the health center at Buckingham’s Choice. She is also a volunteer for the Historical Society of Frederick County and is involved in various activities with the couple’s church.

As far as the future is concerned, the two are trying to find ways to pare down their schedules so that they can find more time for relaxation and each other. They would like to travel abroad and take more transcontinental train trips. The two also have plans to continue taking enlightening courses at the Institute of Learning in Retirement and Historical Society. It’s clear that their biggest challenge may just be slowing down enough to catch a whiff of the proverbial roses.

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