Finding a New Love

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“On our first date, we danced all evening. It was delightful,” remembers Dottie Wright of her first date with her husband Bob. Bob adds, “I had noticed Dottie before at poetry and discussion groups. She walks into a room and just sparkles, so of course I had noticed her.” Married just a few months, the newlyweds laugh as they recount anecdotes from their courtship.

The ballroom dancing was just the beginning. There was the time Bob was pinned on the couch by Dottie’s daughters, who inquired about his intentions while Dottie giggled on the other side of the doorway. Then there was the decision to get married, and the planning of a “small” wedding-which eventually included over 90 attendees.

Both widowed, the couple met at Aspenwood, the Independent and Assisted living community in Silver Spring where they both live. Bob had been living at Aspenwood for ten years when Dottie moved in. He and his first wife moved to Aspenwood so that she could receive the care she needed.

Initially hesitant to move, Bob admits that he now understands the benefits of living in a retirement community: “The idea of living in the family home for as long as you can is self-defeating. You should move earlier rather than later, so you can enjoy all the community has to offer.” A Nuclear Physicist, Bob retired from his management position with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission shortly after moving and has been active in current event and political discussions groups at the community ever since.

Dottie was trained as a Language Arts Specialist and worked in the Montgomery County School System for most of her career. After retiring, she moved with her husband to Leisure World. When he passed away, Dottie’s family did not think that she should remain in the home alone. Her son found Aspenwood, and they all really liked the community.

Dottie explains, “We were interested in Aspenwood for several reasons. It was convenient because it was close to my son. Also, several members of our church were living here already, and they seemed very happy.”

Shortly after moving Dottie met Bob, and their whirlwind courtship began. Both agree that they had never imagined finding love again or remarrying. “I never had any thoughts of remarrying, but finding this marriage and Dottie has been absolutely wonderful for me,” says Bob.

Dottie agrees, “Finding someone else to love never crossed my mind when I moved here, but I am just so grateful that I have.” Happily settled in their new, two-bedroom apartment-which they refer to as their “tree house” because of the foliage-filled view-the Wrights are testament to the fact that retirement living is full of surprises.

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