Finding a Friend in the Process

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It takes an extremely strong woman to endure some of the things Katherine Collison has experienced in her life. When asked where she gets her determination, she will respond with one word – faith.

“I pray every morning, noon and night,” she said, “It has held me through these 97 years that I’ve lived.”

Katherine was married in 1936, but over two years later, her husband left her and their two-year-old son. “I had no income, just 36 dollars left in the bank and my parents who were kind enough to take me in,” she said.

But she was not giving up. Her friend connected Katherine with a job with the Army at Fort Meade. Though it was only a temporary position, the officer was looking for an efficient individual to type up his work in Annapolis. From there, she was approached by another gentleman who noticed her hard work and offered her a position as secretary.

She eventually retired from the state of Maryland, but there was one more tough decision Katherine had in front of her. She owned a house in President’s Hill, a historic community in downtown Annapolis. Her father, a woodworking instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy, had built their brick single-family home in 1909. It was the home Katherine had known all her life, but it was getting harder and more expensive to maintain.

When she made the decision to move into an assisted living home, she sought the help of her friend who had been a prominent lawyer in Baltimore. Though he could not help her, he made sure to point Katherine in the right direction, and that was towards Elizabeth Montaner of Coldwell Banker.

She put Katherine’s house on the market and it sold a month later at what she found to be a comfortable price. Not only is her mind a little easier knowing she has additional funding to make sure she’s taken care of in her new home, but Katherine is glad to have found a new friend.

Her son, who lives in nearby Edgewater, comes to visit Katherine weekly and tries to transport her to various doctor appointments and errands. He can rest assured, however, knowing Katherine has received help beyond selling her home.

“Elizabeth’s wonderful to take me to appointments,” said Katherine, “She’s a very good friend of mine and I can’t appreciate it enough.”

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