Final Planning Helps Family Through Difficult Time: Funeral Planning

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In February of 2000, Nancy Merrill and her family received the unfortunate news that her mother had small cell lung cancer. Nancy’s mother moved in with her in April 2001. For seven-and-a-half months before her death in March 2003, Nancy used hospice services to care for her mother.

Like her mother before her, Nancy is a registered nurse, as well as a veterinarian on active duty in the U.S. Army. Nancy’s experience as a hospice nurse before becoming a veterinarian helped prepare her for how difficult it would be for her and her family to plan her mother’s funeral. She knew the best thing to do would be to make the arrangements in advance, so that when the time came everything would be in order. Nancy and her family chose Going Home Cremation Service, and they were very pleased with how this service helped them cope with their mother’s passing. Beverly Heckrotte, Going Home’s owner and operator, worked with Nancy on the arrangements.

“Bev was very empathetic and supportive of what our choices were,” Nancy said. “When we made our choice, she accepted it and didn’t try to push anything else. She was very efficient when my mother did pass away, arriving in a timely manner and obtaining the death certificates quickly.”

Nancy strongly recommends pre-planning funeral arrangement to other family caregivers. “When they make the plans before the death, it is so much easier than trying to deal with them after the person has passed away,” she advises. “They can think clearer prior to the death. When the loved one passes away, there are many emotions that make dealing with the simplest of things difficult, much less making funeral arrangements.” Going Home makes the pre-planning process simple by visiting family members in their own homes in order to take care of all the necessary paperwork. This is especially important for caregivers who are unable to leave an ailing family member alone.

Beyond the necessary planning, Nancy was also very thankful for the peace of mind she and her family received from Bev Heckrotte and her staff. “By working with Going Home, I only had to make one phone call after my mother’s passing, and they arranged everything else that had been decided on earlier. Once I had contacted Bev and made arrangements, I knew I could still change things if necessary. I was also given the price at the time of the arrangement, so I knew what to expect in terms of cost.”

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