Filling a Family Role: Picking the Right Homecare

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There are many situations in which home care goes beyond the necessary assistance with daily living. In the case of those whose loved ones have passed or those without children, a caregiver can often fill that familial companion role.

One such example is that of Bertha Siegel. Initially a full-charge bookkeeper, she went on to own a company in Baltimore with her husband. The couple did not have children and were married for 61 years before his passing.

Down the road, Bertha became sick and as a result was hospitalized and later admitted to a rehabilitation facility.

“When I was ready to leave the rehabilitation center, they told me I would need 24-hour care and referred me to Genesis SelectCare,” said Bertha.

This home healthcare company has since provided Bertha with two live-in caregivers named Sandra and Annette, whom she says she would not trade for anything.

“They provide any kind of care you need,” she said. “They’re absolutely marvelous.”

With the security of having help available around the clock, Bertha has peace of mind and receives any assistance she may need with the activities of daily living.

There was one incident in particular where Bertha had an emergency and Sandra and Annette made all of the arrangements to get her back to the hospital. “They saved my life,” she said. “There’s nothing more I can say – they’re perfect.”

As a result, Bertha would recommend utilizing a home healthcare company, particularly Genesis SelectCare, to anyone. She credits her provider especially for a great job in assigning her with two excellent caregivers.

“It’s really an efficient organization,” she said. “They take good care of everything and never leave you in midair wondering what’s going on.”

Though times seemed difficult following her husband’s passing, Bertha has felt very fortunate having found caregivers who not only offer her the necessary assistance, but have become friends in the process. Being able to remain in the comforts of her home while surrounded by trusted individuals has made her story one of success.

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