Feeling at Home: Independent Living Communities

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grandparents in an independent living communityWhen Bill and Shirley Mortimer made the decision to move to a retirement community, they realized how important it was for them to choose the right place. That is why they visited communities in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. They went on tours; they had lunch; they stayed over night; they even placed deposits on several units.

The couple was amazed by the wide array of choices available. “Some had small campuses, while others were extremely large. Accommodations ranged from tight and cramped to five-star, which felt like staying in a huge hotel,” says Bill. Shirley adds, “Activity programs at the communities varied from little or none to extremely busy calendars run by large staffs.”

After a long search, the Mortimers found Mallard Landing, an independent living community in Salisbury, MD. “When we approached Mallard Landing, we felt it was the right size, with condominium-style apartments that satisfied our wants and needs,” they remember.

Having finally found the perfect community, the couple was anxious to move in. “The staff at Mallard Landing provided plenty of assistance to make our transition swift and smooth,” Bill relates.

Bill and Shirley quickly became involved in their new community. They have found their new neighbors to be “like family,” and that has really helped them adjust. They have gotten to know many of their fellow residents and are enjoying becoming a part of the close-knit community.

Bill concludes, “Both Shirley and I enjoy living in our condominium apartment; we feel like it’s been our home for a long time. We are involved in the wonderful activities here, and the surroundings are great. Our campus is beautiful, making life here even more enjoyable. We are home!”

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