Exactly Where She Wants to Be

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Back in her home of 33 years, that is were Eleanor Gicking wanted to be. She has been living in the same house near Mt. Vernon since 1971 when she and her husband moved to the D.C. area. He worked with defense systems at Ft. Belvoir, and the couple raised three children. Following femur and hip repair surgery, Mrs. Gicking wanted to return to the comfort of her home as quickly as possible.

After a fall over a phone cord in her home, which pushed her femur into her hip socket, doctors determined that Mrs. Gicking would need corrective surgery. The doctors at Mt. Vernon hospital corrected the injury with three screws in her hip, but she needed rehabilitation in order to return to her home and her active life. She decided to go to Mt. Vernon Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for her recovery. “Other rehabs were offered to me, but I decided to go to Mt. Vernon because it was close by. I knew people who had stayed there, and I had heard good things about it,” she recalls.

Like many of today’s nursing home residents, Mrs. Gicking was admitted for a short-term rehab rather than a long-term placement. During the course of her 15-day stay, Mrs. Gicking received therapy every day. She says, “I got wonderful care at MVNRC. The people were great, and by the time I left, I was well on my way to a full recovery.” She was able to use a walker when she was discharged and quickly graduated to a cane during the following seven weeks of in-home therapy.

“It was a very pleasant stay in every way, and I think that my speedy recovery was in large part due to the high quality of care I received,” says Mrs. Gicking. Her recovery was a positive experience partly because of the attentiveness of the staff. She points out, “You have to remember that these people are caring for people who are in pain everyday. That is why I was so impressed by how caring and sympathetic they always were.”

The beautiful dining room and the high quality of the food that was served were also surprising to Mrs. Gicking. “I didn’t expect the food to be good, but it was wonderful. I looked forward to my meals!,” she says.

Mrs. Gicking has made a full recovery and, at 81, is still living independently. While she is happy to be home, she also enjoys having the freedom to travel across the country to visit her children and grandchildren. She laughs and says, “I now tell everyone that I don’t have a screw loose.”

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