Easing the Moving Process to Retirement Communities

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Although she has lived in the Washington area all of her life, Sylvia Bass has had her fair share of moving in recent years. Luckily, she has been longtime friends with Susie Danick, who runs Transitional Assistance and Design with her husband Joel. When her friend’s mother recommended this moving service to Sylvia, she took advantage of her connection.

“Being a senior,” she said, “It’s just not easy doing what you used to do.”

Sylvia, however, has compensated for the things she used to do. After playing tennis for several years, she has now taken up hobbies such as bridge and crochet, and continues her involvement with different Jewish organizations. For the past year, she has been volunteering for Ruth Rales Comcast Kids Reading Network in Montgomery County where she works with second graders.

Married for 41 years, Sylvia and her husband owned a liquor store in D.C. They have a son who lives in Pennsylvania and a grandson.

The couple was living in a large condominium when they decided it was time to downsize to a smaller home that would best suit their interests.

“I sold the condo two years ago when the market was really good, and we rented for a couple of years until I found what I wanted,” she said.

Sylvia used her friend’s moving service for her two almost back-to-back moves, which she said made her life a lot easier. She especially appreciated having everything unpacked and arranged in her new home.

“When you move, not having boxes all over the place makes for a very easy transition,” says Sylvia, “Susie’s good on how to place things and organize.”

She was also grateful when the items she no longer used or needed were taken care of. Due to Transitional Assistance and Design’s recent partnership with Habitat for Humanity, Sylvia was able to donate several belongings to what she thinks is a wonderful organization. Once again, the moving managers made all of the arrangements so that Sylvia’s items were given to the organization to ultimately benefit others.

“I’m very active and full of life but still things burden you down, she said, “Having someone come in and tell you to stop worrying, it’s just amazing.”

With many of her friends now also making transitions, Sylvia has recommended utilizing this service to many people.

“If you can afford it, it’s really a luxury to have, said Sylvia, “It really takes a load off of the person who is moving.”

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