Despite a Death, Her Life is as Full as Ever in Retirement Community

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residents at atrium owings mill mdThe recent passing of her husband Bernie has in no way deterred Gladys Gordon’s positive outlook on life. “I’m really very lucky,” she said.

Gladys was raised in New York City and met her future husband of 66 years in high school.

The couple went on to have two children, six grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. After living in upstate New York for 26 years, they retired to Florida where Gladys said they were the oldest of their neighbors. Having visited their daughter in Baltimore on several occasions, the couple moved into an apartment complex in the area.

As it became difficult for her husband to maneuver up and down the stairs to their apartment, Gladys knew it was time for a change.

“We had to find a place where we would be provided for,” she said.

The Gordons saw advertisements for Atrium Village, an independent living community in Owings Mills, Md. After waiting for their lease to end, they moved into their new home two months after its opening.

“We haven’t regretted it for a moment,” said Gladys. “This is an ideal place to live.”

Besides being surrounded by like-minded people, the Gordons enjoyed the trips and activities offered through the community until Bernie became ill.

With her husband gone, Gladys said she has a built in support group at Atrium Village through her peers and the community employees. She cannot stop complimenting the caring staff who transport her to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store, or even the Towson mall. There are also high school and college students who help serve the residents’ meals.

Her hobbies, which include reading mystery novels and knitting, help to keep her mind busy. Gladys has also been a member of the resident council since arriving at Atrium Village and holds the position of Special Occasions Chairperson. Every six weeks, she organizes a Sunday night filled with nice meals and entertainment. They may play BINGO and order food from a local deli or on other occasions, venture out to a restaurant.

“I’m good at arranging these things,” she said with a laugh.

Between her busy schedule and other interests, Gladys has established relationships in her community while remaining in constant contact with her growing family. She continues the busy life she once shared with her husband.

“Bernie and I really experienced a lot in our years,” she said

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