Daily Money Manager: Retired Seniors Homes

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CPA money managerJan Carson is an active senior. As an award-winning photographer and owner of Images By Jan, she has worked with thousands of different people and seen an incredible variety of situations. A career as rewarding as hers has been difficult to walk away from, so she hasn’t yet, but she has started making time for some of the things she intends to pursue, like traveling, when she finally retires.

“I’m looking forward to traveling more than I’ve been able to in the past, starting with a trip to Africa next year. I really appreciate experiencing different kinds of people,” she says. It shows in her work.

Jan’s photographs of children and animals are especially captivating. Her goal is to capture the essence of the person being photographed, rather than stage a beautiful scene. She explains, “If I pose someone, the photograph becomes stilted and doesn’t allow his or her personality to show through. Even if it comes out nicely, it can’t ever be more than that – a posed picture. If, instead, I give them a start and let them do what’s comfortable, we end up with a photograph that has life, and that gives joy.”

Jan’s passion behind the camera diminishes noticeably when it comes to paperwork and finances. “I’m not the most organized person,” she confesses. Her priorities – running her business, keeping abreast of technological changes in her field and maintaining an active social life – leave little time for these daily chores, so she hired a daily money manager.

She initially asked Carla Morelli of Freyer Money Management, to pay such bills as the mortgage, utilities, and credit cards and to handle the business bookkeeping. “It became much more than that,” she laughs. Within a year, Jan ended up sending all her bills to Freyer, and now has Carla work with her CPA, financial planners, and estate planner. Carla even handled the settlement of Jan’s parents’ estate when her mother passed away last summer. “It’s been wonderful. I don’t have to worry about anything – I know it’s being handled properly and on time,” she says.

Jan’s daughter, Maureen Metcalf, is equally happy. She was concerned about her mother’s time and ability to handle financial matters. Living in Ohio, she cannot easily assist her mother. “Knowing that I can call Carla at any time and ask questions or get the information I need is a relief. I don’t worry about something important being missed, and I know she’ll call if she needs anything. It’s a great relationship.”

Her daily money manager will be indispensable when Jan takes to the road because, as she explains, “Nothing will change. My bills already go to Freyer, and they know what to expect. If something doesn’t come in, they tell me and handle it, not the other way around. I can go away whenever I want and not have to worry about missing payments or coordinating bills. It’s great!”

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